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09-09-2008, 04:09 PM
My daughter is a heroin and crack addict - currently going through another attempt to get clean - our doctor has heard of a crack tea which can help reverse the damage done through crack use but does not think it is available in this country (England). Has anyone heard of such a thing? I googled crack tea but came up with nothing.

Best Wishes to you all.

09-11-2008, 12:12 PM
Dont believe in "miracle" cures.

She needs to clean herself up and start living healthy. Eat right. Maybe some exercise.

Crack is as evil as it gets.

Been there.

Good luck.


09-11-2008, 12:32 PM
Im in England - No such cure. Ive had a brief look on the net & found nothing. As jerry says - No such thing as a miracle cure. unfortunatley. im sorry your Dr has got your hopes up. Your daughter needs a proper Dr who can offer her some sound/stable advice & not 'miracles'. A methadone/subutex reduction course with counselling & some kind of cognitive therapy (CBT) is a pretty good route to go down.

the main ingredient in getting clean - is the overwhelming desire to be 'clean' & to want it that badly that you're willing to do whatever you can to get clean.

i wish you all the best & hope your daughter finds her way through this.

take care.

09-11-2008, 04:20 PM
Sorry I don't think I made my post clear, GP is the main prescribing doctor for addicts in our city, he is devoted and gives 110% to his clients - sneaky feeling he has been there! Tea was not to cure the crack addiction - I wish - my daughter has a really bad chest and using an inhaler, she did at one time test positive for hep C and through diet and milk thistle it helped her to fight it and she tested clean 3 months later, so doctor said to look up crack tea as it too can be of help to crack addicts in fighting the harmful effects.
Daughter not ready to give up drugs, 6 years now of injecting and she is only 22.

I have read these boards for as many years and all the knowledge I have of addiction came from you guys, especially Chef, he was my rock and I only wish he was well enough to be here now.

Thanks for your replies and take care,


09-11-2008, 11:44 PM
Rock or crack cocaine is inhaled into the lungs and can (does) cause lung damage.
"Street" crack usually contains impurities which can also irritate the lungs. Maybe thats why she needes the inhaler (?).
I never heard of a crack tea.
It's really psychologically addicting ( in my opinion and expierence), and to break the
obsession may take years (variable).

Take care
John g

09-12-2008, 01:24 AM
Im sure i'd have heard of crack tea (or any tea used in the rehabilitation process) . A - because i love tea (being a true Brit) & B - because i used to love drugs, crack being 1 of them (heroin the other).
As oldcow said - its a psychological battle (after the relatively short term physical withdrawals are out of the way) and as i mentioned previously CBT is a pretty good starting point for anyone wanting to change they way they think/act/behave.

And im also afraid that if she's not ready to give up herself then the fight is lost before its begun. I know this may be a blow to you to hear this as her mother - but im also sure that you know in your heart of hearts that she's got to be the 1 wanting to give up . I wish there was more i could do to help. keep us all posted on the situation - it helps to share these things.

and take care of yourself - you must be going through a really tough time (6 years is a long time). My heart goes out to you.

All the best

09-12-2008, 04:53 AM
It took me a drunk driving charge after years and years of crack cocaine abuse to even make me start thinking of quitting.

That night was one of my usual fun nights-smoking crack and then drinking heavily to come down.

Some of my worst memories of my drug-riddled life were hiding in a crackhouse bathroom for hours and hours on end in one position with a pile of crack on the counter and pipe and lighter in each hand...TOTALLY screwed up, not thinking straight, spending my whole paycheck in that one evening,calling my poor wife at 5 am trying to tell her I loved her but I had no money left for us and the children to even eat with that week...again and again and over and over...

I still cant believe looking back that she never left me. She had every reason to for many years. I cant believe that I would do that to my family, to my wife and children.

I love them so much.

Crack is probably the most evil thing in the world. it grabs us and holds us there, makes us do things we would never do if we werent using; nothing else matters, not even our families. Just that next hit off of the pipe.

I hope i wasnt too graphic but this is the truth about crack~

love, jerry.

09-12-2008, 10:34 AM
Fortunately you are not telling me anything I don't already know, it's scary when you first learn about these things.
Katy has had fits while on crack, she has enough decency to stay away when her drug taking reaches that level, we also have boundaries - no drug use at home - which is a joke because her drug taking is 24/7, she confines it to when we are asleep. It is a nightmare of a situation, my only brother was shot and killed in Northern Ireland, my father died a cruel and painful death from cancer but nothing = watching your beautiful,intelligent daughter destroy herself. I have talked to many recovering addicts who's drug use reached katy's level and they say tough love had no effect on them whatsoever, they gave up when they decided to.
I live in hope!


09-12-2008, 04:17 PM
I hate to reiterate their words - i have challenged a few posts on these boards from people who come on with the "Tough love is the only way to go". I loved my mother more than anyone else in the world. At the time though - i chose heroin. I missed a lot of good years with my mother. i can never get them back now. that hurts. But at the time you dont see this - you really 'aren't' yourself. I really do feel for you. I just hope that your daughter comes around soon. Try and keep strong - and remember to keep posting, it does help.

09-12-2008, 04:38 PM
All I know Yoss is her drug taking reduces when she is at home, then she finds someone else to fund her habit and is awol again. I gave up a job as a magistrate, hence the JP, to start up Support Groups for mums like me and we help each other enormously, alcohol seems to be taking over drugs and the distress is the same if not worse as you seem to get more violence with alcohol. I know you addicts lose years but we mums lose what should be the beat years of our lives,40's, kids should be independant, we have more disposable income yet we have not had a holiday in 6 years. I am amazed my daughter is still alive, broken nose, abused by many men, prison sentences, collapsed veins, where is her rock bottom? We mums find hope in talking to other addicts who have been there and come out the other side, they often come to our groups to tell their story.
Yet we forgive you every day - unconditional love - never think your mum holds it against you and don't beat yourself up about it just continue to be clean.

09-13-2008, 12:37 AM
1st of all, my apologies - i read your 1st post wrongly (i didnt realise that YOU were in the UK & i thought you'd heard of a cure over here - not many people from the UK post on here so i take it that whenever anyone posts that they are from the U.S.). Sorry about that. Your story/situation is unfortunately a common one - and after 6 years i guess you've come to realise that its a long and unpredictable road to be on. How well do you get on with your daughter nowadays? Do you still speak? Are things tense all the time (i know i would be if i was you)?, Does she ever want to speak to you about things? I guess im just trying to understand he mindset (as a former junky) - i may be able to offer some insight - i may not. I just know that there is always 'hope'. And as a parent i know that this is - alongside maternal instinct & unconditional love - what keeps you going for 6 years & longer. its what gets you through.

Ironically it took a judge to give me a 2 year suspended sentence for me to give up (though she was a bit harsh with her sentence, as a community order/DRR would have been a lot better & may not have ruined my career as much).
I have a wonderful family and have absolutely no desire to ever return to my old ways - a fact which i have put to the test (and passed).
I know my mother would never hold it against me & i try not to beat myself up about it - but - as you mentioned "mums lose what should be the best years of our lives" - which she did. And unfortunately she was diagnosed with Piks Disease (similar to Alzheimers but can affect you at a younger age). I just dont think she ever got to have much happiness in HER life. I only wish i could tell her how much happiness she brought to mine.

Stay strong as only a mother knows how.

09-13-2008, 01:06 AM
My daughter is a heroin and crack addict - currently going through another attempt to get clean - our doctor has heard of a crack tea which can help reverse the damage done through crack use but does not think it is available in this country (England). Has anyone heard of such a thing? I googled crack tea but came up with nothing.

Best Wishes to you all.

Hello jponline,

There are herbal teas that have been known to help detox the body of drugs, alcohol and other impurities but here in the U.S., this particular method has yet to be approved by the F.D.A.(Food and Drug Administration).

Looking into herbal stores in your area may be of help.

Please remember that if you choose to look into this for your daughter, make sure that her doctor approves of the specific ingredients included in the tea or making of said tea.



09-13-2008, 04:21 PM
Hi ,
Katy and I get along well, real close, when she is awol we still texted every day to let eachother know we are well, and she always makes straight for home when she thinks she is ready. My rule is I will help her get clean but I won't help her be an addict, she stole from me many times and finally I prosecuted her (that was my tough love). Consequently she knows I mean what I say and doesn't really give me aggravation other than the huge worry she will not survive this, Katys drug problem is not just addiction but escapism - she suffered at the hands of her father when she was younger, we (my 2nd hubby who loves her dearly) have put her in rehab 3 times and got couselling but she will not talk about it, and we know that until she addresses these issues she will not move forward. Another problem is that although Sunderland is a city it is more like a village and every 100 metres she will bump into someone who will supply her, and my school of thought is she will not manage to stay clean unless she moves away for a time.
Yoss you may not have liked the suspended sentence but believe me if it got you clean it was manna from heaven, our probation and DDRs are so overstretched they are ineffectual. Have you thought about going into the services, we here embrace that a lot because of your knowledge of addiction - you can't get that at uni - first port of call I would suggest LifeLine, go as a volunteer and take all the free training they will give you and then you will get a paid post, bonus is you are helping others with more success than the professionals.
Pheonix, I remember you well from my previous postings when Chef was with us, and you were always so helpful, I am so pleased to see you are still here.
As for Crack Tea, this doc is a treasure and I have never known him to be wrong, I see him on Monday and will ask for more details.

Take Care All

09-14-2008, 12:45 PM
It sounds like Katy has one hell of a mother. To remain that close is something special. I also got into drugs as escapism for the same reasons. I went for counselling etc - but i failed to open up for any of the people i spoke to as i felt they weren't "Real". It is hard to open up to someone and tell them about the things that you try to suppress. I know Sunderland's a small city and i know how you feel about the fear of bumping into the 'wrong' people every time you turn the corner. I couldnt do it - if i didn't move away from the town i was in (when i was 19) - my life would have turned out a lot differently for the worse. I went to work on the Greek islands with a close friend - it was the best move i ever made. I got to see that there was more to life outside the goldfish bowl i was living in. Maybe that could be an option for Katy? im not sure about your job commitments - but the idea of removing yourself & her to a more beautiful part of the world where there is no temptation & where the recovery process can start to take its first steps. Dr's will even prescribe enough methadone etc for you to take an reduce yourself. It may not be a viable option for you - but its an idea (or a seed). Im not saying it will answer your prayers & cure her - but as you know, before she enters any form of counseling for the issues she has relating to her past - she has to be clean. So sobriety is the 1st big step. Its at least something to think about.
You sound like a wonderful mother - im sure that aside from the problems that addiction brings - your daughter appreciates all the help/support you are giving her. You must have the strength of a bear & the patience of a saint.

I did a DRR as part of my suspended sentence as 1 of the requirements made by the judge. I just feel that a suspended sentence didnt truly reflect my involvement in the crime - unfortunately i was strongly advised to take a guilty plea as early as possible to avoid a prison sentence. I also didnt feel that i could risk not seeing my son (who was 2 yrs old at the time) for up to a year due to prison. Its not only my career that has suffered, the ramifications of my actions are still affecting me 2 years on as i struggle to find a decent quote for house insurance/car insurance as i am deemed a 'high' risk due to a conviction for drugs?!? C'est la vie.
I will look into 'LifeLine' as i am unhappy in the job that i am currently doing. I did a similar job prior to my conviction. I was instrumental in setting up alternative education for dissafected youth. I was bloody good at it too. I also loved it. So i have basic counselling qualifications etc - and i am liked at the local probation office due to my cooperation/participation whilst on my DRR. I will give it a good mulling over.

keep on keepin on

09-15-2008, 05:01 PM
Well Yoss you now have more experience than you had prior to your conviction, you qualified A* in addiction, can't get that at uni, and you are very employable if not insurable. Insurers have a licence to steal from you anyway.
Katy went awol last night, it was not her time and I expected it, maybe next time. I know when she comes home she really means it, but I knew she was still using.
Yes, talked to doc and crack tea is a herbal mixture but apparently it is having good results with the former crack addicts in reversing the damage.


09-18-2008, 03:37 PM
Has she come back yet?

have you found out anymore about this tea?

09-18-2008, 04:29 PM
Katy was at crown court today and they adjourned for 3 weeks for probation report! looking at a DRR, she has done one before and complied, but then again she would - Drugs are 24/7, DDR means engaging with probation for 7 hrs a week, small price to pay for staying out of prison, she never stopped using, just made sure she was not "out of it" Most just scored together afterwards.
I am exremely busy at work - but then there are alot of mums out there with my problems - Alcohol seems to be a bigger problem than drugs at the moment and the trend is to take Benzos at the same time (very dangerous) so trying to find crack tea has been a low priority. I only know it is a herbal mixture and is proving a great success, I will eventually find it and let you know, unless someone comes up with it first. I hope you are well, as I hope everyone on this board is. Thanks for the interest.

10-21-2010, 10:44 PM
I am a crack addict. I have been in recovery for seven years. I am still clean - what a miracle!! However, I am having difficulty finding employment as an RN because of my criminal record - 21 prostitution charges, all during my two years of active addiction while I was not practicing as a nurse. I am a good nurse. I really care about my patients, and I learned a type of empathy and understanding for human frailties that noone can without a humiliating experience with their own human frailty. Will I ever experience forgiveness in this field? I have even gone back to school to get my BSN, and I am an honor student, due to graduate in June of 2011. I am afraid that I won't be able to work and pay off my debts. Have I put forth all of this effort for nothing?