View Full Version : Bowel Surgery??Rectopxy etc PLEASE READ THIS!!

09-24-2008, 04:10 AM

I have had to have bowel surgery for the last 3 years after a surgeon did the wrong operation on me and ruined my life and my famillies. Its all very indepth but basically I am due to have my 6th operation, I have experiences pain 1000 times worse than childbirth, with infections, ulcers, skin grafts and more.

I just want to make sure that you have researched your surgeon, google their name, check them on GMC and always get a second opinion. My surgeon was polish and I was his first week of ops in the UK, he basically ruined my life and recently found out he got done for drink driving and was banned, hardly a responsible adult?? what on earth??

Please please dont anyone else end up like me, Ive been to 7 hospitals and seen many top surgeons, but even there opinion varies. It is mad, the NHS is a sham. It is too important an organ not to get the right advice. Mine is going through court now and I intend to write a book on my awful experiences, it is an unbelivable story that the bbc are interested in, but nothing can be done until I am on my feet. 6 weeks in bed at the moment, next op in a few weeks.

Can I just also say as sad as it is, those who shout loudest get the attention, Im not like that myself but a surgeon told me that. You know your bodies, if something is wrong it prob is, dont be fobbed off. I was told after my original butchered Op, you'll love us in 6 months when the recovery time was 7 days, i knew from the get go something was wrong so trust your instincts. Read the small print and on the day of surgery ask your surgeon to remind you what he intends to do. Dont be fobbed off with it takes time to heal, if you feel its not right, go back asap, and make sure you fully understand what they tell you.

Im telling my story so no-one ends up like me, its been horrific.