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09-26-2008, 04:34 PM

Two weeks ago I had emergency surgery on my appendix, I was doing fine til Tuesday, I got the worst pain in my stomach, I can only compare it to being in labor, it was worse than the appendix pain, well I was told I had a Partial Small Bowel Obstruction, (I hate to feel what a full blown one feels like) as I thought the pain I had was going to kill me....I didn't need surgery, my intestine flipped itself back to the way it's suppose to be, but now I'm afraid to eat, I've been walking alot & drinking lots of fluids, the dr did say this usually happens to people after having abdominal surgery & it can happen to me again. I'm so afraid of having this pain again, can anyone give me advise on what & how to take care of myself so that this does not happen to me again....I'm now living in fear...
any advise is greatly appreciated

09-26-2008, 05:02 PM
My daughter was born with Malrotation. She had a bowel abstruction which needed surgery at 2 months old. Thought everything was fine until this Jan. when she had severe tummy pain and was throwing up. Turns out she had another bowel abstruction requiring surgery. The Dr.s say that it is something that she will have to deal with for the rest of her life. She wasn't suppose to see her 1st birthday and she is almost 7 now. To make things easier on her, here are some things we do to prevent another bowel abstruction:

* We make sure she gets lots of fiber. She takes Fibersure once a day.
* Limit foods that are constipating
* She eats Activia yogurt and Fig Nutons for snacks after school.
* We make sure she gets lots of water, and natural juices
* We make sure she is having regular bowel movements, if she doesnt' for a couple days, she drinks some Miralx in hot cocoa.

I understand your pain. It's not easy to deal with. But, I hope some of these suggestions help. Good Luck!

09-26-2008, 07:52 PM

First I'd like to say how sorry I am to hear that your little girl has to endure so much pain, I wish her well.

Secondly I'd like to say thank you so much for the advise, I will surely use it. I am so afraid to eat, but with what you advised I'm sure will help me get through.

I will keep your baby girl in my prayers, thank you so much

take care

09-30-2008, 02:41 AM

Sorry to hear the pain you have been in.

I have a malrotated bowel, which I had 2 operations beofre I was 3 months old. I had to make many trips to hospital with bowel obstructions throughout my life. Now 28, I didnt have any problems with this for 7 years or so, then last January I was addmitted to hospital with an obstruction.

I required 2 operations for a bowel resection within a week then another operation 5 months later.

I am now getting partial obstruction to my bowel which is causing vomiting and bloated stomach. I had a barium meal last week and the same problem presented its self.

I require another operation within the next week to try and rectify the problem.

Not allot can be done to sort the problem of scar tissue forming. Eating food with high fibre will not help as it takes allot of effort to digest.

The best food to eat is food that is easily digested, such as white bread, white pasta or rice, chicken etc. This will enable the food to pass through asap.

Im sorry if im not full of help but this is one of the outcome of scaring of the bowel.

Not to be too down on the matter, I know other people who have had bowel malrotations and bowel resections and have been fine ever since. Im just one of the unlucky one :)

09-30-2008, 04:33 AM

Sorry to hear of you having to go through so much & still not feel well. This is pretty scary to me & I have been afraid to eat, but what I have eaten is a very bland diet type of food & after I eat I go for a walk & it seems to be helping with moving the bowels (gross; I know) :o

I'm so afraid of that pain to ever come back, as it was unbearable...I went from a perfectly healthy person (aside from headaches & normal yearly colds/flu) to having been hospitalized twice in 2 weeks.

My new thing is now I feel pretty exhausted right as I wake up in the morning, I feel really tired all the time....:(

I go back to see my dr in 2 weeks so hopefully within time I'll go back to being my "normal" self :D

Thanks for sharing your thoughts & suggestions with me, I appreciate it.

take care
wishing you the best & a full speedy recovery :angel:

12-21-2008, 11:05 PM
My daughter had a meckels diverticulum at age nine which caused her to loose 3 feet of her ilieum, then she has had 3 complete restructions ( due to adhesions) the last one being 4 years ago. She is 20 now and is getting married in two weeks and is a full time students. Anyway she really has been doing well the last 4 years except for a gall bladder removal 2 years ago but I thought we had the intestinal issues behind us. Anyway she had a really bad bladder infection about a week ago (this is her first bladder infection) she was peeing pure blood, anyway they put her on several meds and then about four days later she was in major pain and went to the ER and they did a catscan that showed a early bowel obstruction so they said. She was also bleeding in her urine again. Anyway she thought the urinary infection was cleared up but last night she started hurting again in her abdomen and today she was completely distended and not having gas or bm's so she went back to the ER tonight and they took a xray and it showed she still had a partial blockage, they called a surgeon and he said that he wouldn't operate until it was a full obstruction and they sent her home. I live in CO and she is in SLC, UT and this is hard for me not to be with her to help her. She is supposed to fly out to CA tomorrow for christmas with my parents. I'm worried that she shouldn't go because this partial may turn into a full blown obstruction. They only told her to stay away from fiber. I'm hoping she can get through this without surgery. Other than eating white bread, liquids, no caffeine, no laxatives, no fiber, what else can i suggest that she do to get this partial blockage passed. Thanks, Cathy