View Full Version : Intestine Problems?

10-10-2008, 11:52 PM
I still have not gotten a reply from my original post so I will try to ask in another form of question. If I did give myself an enema with stronger water pressure than a normal enema and maybe slightly warmer; with maybe a liter or more. What are the possibilities of things I could have done to myself? Its been a few days since i've done this, I feel slightly better, but my stomach or intestinal area still seems a bit funny. I feel like im bloated but I don't really know if i'm just paying too much attention to my stomach or not. But i'm pretty sure I am. I've not had a fever, no vomiting, no skin problems, but maybe a bit of disorientation. I am really scared since I don't really know what is going on if anything is. I have searched the internet very hard and I can't find the answers I need. So please, if anyone has any information on something like this or think they may know. I'd be glad to hear it.

My stomach still feels mildly bloated, and when I eat I feel full easy but I can still be hungry. Also I've been having diarrhea now, some of it burning and some not, whether or not ive had spicy food. My stools have been pretty loose and my stomach still makes noises and things of this nature off and on all day. Indigestion is still pretty prominent. If something were off in my tract in a pretty bad way I would see blood right? So maybe the day I had this enema, then ate spicy food it caused me to get an ulcer maybe or hurt my tract and now I'm just a little messed up maybe and swollen? I have no clue but my stomach is for sure messed up.