View Full Version : lower left flank pain-bowel movements painful

10-11-2008, 08:49 PM
I have been having pain on my lower left side since January 2008. Its been coming and going. I have faint pain on my right side as well. I have been to Emergency Rooms, family practices etc. I have had ultra sounds on my kidneys, ct scan, pelvic exam, urine samples as well as blood samples. At first, one doctor told me that i had a uti. I went back twice and they still thought it was that. After taking the Uti medication my pain still came back. They thought it might be kidney stones it came back clear. My family said it might be gall stones

The last ER I went to they told me they couldn't find anything other then my white blood count was a little low. Going home I had the feeling that every doctor thinking its all in my head. Its not. Recently I have been experiencing painful bowel movements. I am experiencing itching on that area as well. Blood spots are on the tissue when I wipe. I'm so confused. I'm only 22. I am reluctant to go back to any doctor for them to tell me i am fine, and being stuck with a bill that could have been prevented.

Any takers on what it might possibly be?