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11-03-2008, 01:39 PM

Hoping some of the bottled redheads have advice.

I dyed my hair red a month ago from dark brown. This involved bleaching/lifting my hair. The color turned out great a nice auburn/copper tone. Anyhow, the hair dresser advised that I use a red-depositing shampoo/conditioner to help keep it from fading. I bought Bumble/Bumble Color Support for True Reds figuring it was worth the money. Honestly, it says it is "gentle" but I've never had my hair tangle and fall out in such huge clumps in my life. It has been like this since my first use. The shampoo is wretched. Is this what is suppose to happen? Anyone else have this experience?

So, now that I'm headed to the salon in a couple days for a touch-up, I decided to stop using the Bumble Bumble and try out my good 'ol Infusium. Much to my surprise, my hair isn't tangling or coming out in clumps. Is it the bumble/bumble or just color depositing shampoo in general? I never had this problem with color depositing shampoo as a brunette. I am hesitant to go back to the bumble/bumble...does anyone have any other recommendations for red shampoos?


11-03-2008, 02:49 PM
IMO it is probably not the shampoo, but the fact that it was bleached. Here's how I come to conclude this.

1. Your hair would feel good leaving the salon up to about 36 hours after the service, then you washed it...Right? It takes about that long to close the cuticle. The hair always feels better when the cuticle is opened following a service. You washed it with the let me guess...The red shampoo/cond combo.

2. If so you probably never followed up with Infusium after, which is an instant detangler, so automaticlly helps out. I'm guessing your hair would have even done this with just using your regular shampoo and no conditioner. Would I be right?

I'm not familiar with the product brand you are talking about but I can offer a few tips that will help in the future;
The more often you have the bleached hair filled, eventually the more it will hold on thus helping to prevent excess fading.
Always wash/shower in cooler water as hot opens the cuticle.
Try not to shampoo everyday if poosble.
Consider a follow up Cellophane treatment that gently coats the hair with a transluscent shine. Lasts about 4-6 weeks depending on amout of shampooing. Probably be a 10-15 dollar add on, but also helps prevent the fadage.
Once the hair fading has subsided, do a protien treatment every 10-14 days, to regain strength in your hair(this will definately help with matting up). Make sure it is protien though, not moisture. Make sure you wait at least 2 weeks after color service or the protien treatment will also fade the color somewhat. Always remember, the healthier the hair the less fadage you'll deal with. Hope I helped.


11-04-2008, 08:44 AM
Thanks. I'm not sure whether I made sense.

I washed my hair for 5 weeks, every other day, using the color deposit shampoo and conditioner as instructed. It was constantly knotted and coming out in clumps filling up the drain. I probably pulled out a half a cup of hair out of the drain on a weekly basis.

When I switched this week to regular shampoo and conditioner by Infusium, my hair didn't knot or tangle or come out in huge clumps. It only does it with the Bumble and Bumble color depositing shampoo, which makes me suspect it's either that shampoo or color depositing shampoo in general.

11-11-2008, 02:16 PM
i used to use red shampoo.....it didn't do what you say yours is doing.....i just quit cuz i didn't like the color it turned my hair....more of a pink.....it sounds like maybe it's the bleach that has done this to your hair....