View Full Version : Is my skin just too sensitive for waxing?

12-10-2008, 09:42 PM
I'm not sure if this is the right board or not...but here is my problem.
I am interested in possibly trying a Brazilian bikini wax. Or even just a regular one - I'm just TIRED of shaving! And shaving never gets it all smooth, plus my hair is dark enough and skin light enough that I can see the part of my hair that is left right under the skin! Annoying. But the prickliness is the worst.
I'm not worried about the pain, really. What I am most worried about is the aftermath. Specifically, is there a way to avoid breaking out or something after it?? I am worried because the 2 times I ever got my eyebrows waxed, I broke out HORRIBLY from it, not just a regular breakout. It was red and itchy and pretty much every pore in the area that had been waxed turned into a tiny white pimple. It was the only time(s) I have actually been disgusted to see my skin in the mirror. It was AWFUL. Because of that, I never got them waxed again. I am terrified the same thing will happen down there...which would be even worse. I mean, pimples on your face are standard, but if my bikini area ended up looking like that?! Oh wow. Plus the itch was unbearable.
Is there anything I'd be able to do to help avoid something like that happening? Do you think it'd be less likely since the area is already used to being shaved (I do get razor bumps and red spots down there from that sometimes though!)? I just want to know what to expect and any steps at all I can take to help soothe the area and keep things calm! Ha ha. It would halfway defeat the purpose of getting waxed if it totally broke out and I had to then hide the area from my guy until it healed up!
Any tips???

12-18-2008, 07:58 AM
<removed> You may have an an allergy to the wax they used, this is what your reaction sounds like. For brazilian wax you really want to find a place the uses HOT WAX not wax that comes off with wax strips. This wax is designed for sensitive areas as it is less painful. The heat helps the pore to open and therefore the hair comes out easier.

exfoliating helps with the possiblility of getting ingrown hairs.