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01-01-2009, 02:00 PM
I'm new to this board, and scheduled for laser surgery for two very large and painful prolapsed hemorrhoids. I'm nervous about the procedure, and would love to hear from anyone who can tell me if the recovery time for laser surgery is different or similar to conventional surgery. I've read many of the postings here, and have found them very helpful, but I haven't been able to find much information from anyone who had the laser procedure.

Thanks! I'm very anxious. Surgery is coming up on Tuesday.

01-01-2009, 05:55 PM
Hi - did you already have your surgery?

I am scheduled for surgery three days from now and I'm REALLY nervous. I have one external hem with no pain - I just want it gone for cosmetic reasons. I've been putting it off for a year because I'm so afraid of the pain. Reading these posts have actually made me even MORE nervous but I'm going for it. I know I will be happy when its over.

I live alone and am not telling ANYONE I am doing this. Luckily I work from home so I can take it easy for a few days or work on the couch with my laptop.

I think I am prepared as I can be...but am DREADING the pain next week and pray that I will be one of the lucky ones.

I'm not having laser surgery - just the standard "knife slice".


Let me know how things went/go for you...it helps a bit to know we're not alone.

01-01-2009, 06:11 PM
Mine is Monday - so I am as nervous as you are. I guess we will go through the pain together next week!
Wishing us both the easiest experience possible under the circumstances. My doc said its like childbirth: very painful, but patients forget the pain and always say they would do it again - its worth it!

01-02-2009, 04:08 AM
Dear Mtn Girl,

It helps so much to know that there's somone out there ready to do the same thing. I don't think I've been as nervous about anything as i am about this. Some stories here have sacred me more; others have seemed to help. Reading posts by DesertDove and Roadrunner helped a lot, which I found by searching under "hemorrhoids." But no matter how much I read, I'm still all butterflies in my stomach.

My hemorrhoids have been horrible: the last month has been miserable. I have two really huge prolapsed hemorrhoids that are always out now. I can't put them back into place like I used to. Fo almost three weeks I couldn't walk or sleep much, and trying to put them back inside was terrible. I would lie on the floor, curled up in a cold sweat, trying to get them back in place. Now, perversely, they don't seem to be giving me much trouble at all -- right before the surgery!

I know it's going to be bad, but it's scary to not know how bad. I'm not a woman, so I'll never know what childbirth is like, but it's not the most comforting analogy, is it?

I have a colonoscopy scheduled for Monday, which also makes me nervous. I'll check in and see how you're doing. I don't work from home, but I'm a college teacher and I don't have to go back to work till the end of the month.

God, the nerves are bad, aren't they?Hope to talk to you soon --

PS. I used to live in Denver way back when.

01-03-2009, 07:33 AM
Hi Mercurio,

I think I would feel better about this if I WERE having pain. At least you know you will have relief and it sounds like things won't be as bad as they have been for you in the past.

I have been trying not to think about it as much as possible - but the butterflies started today. My surgery is day after tomorrow - omg. I'm scheduled for the afternoon so I'm not sure I'll be up to logging on that night but if I can - I will.

You may have an easier time of it with the laser.

In any case - this time next month it will all be behind us (no pun intended - lol). I truly believe it will be worth it and it won't kill us. People have survived worse...that's what I keep telling myself.

My doc said my case is not severe - so I'm hoping to be one of the lucky ones in regard to pain level. I don't do well with pain.

I am as ready as I can be - have my meds, motrin, tucks (in the fridge), softeners, laxatives and high fiber foods stocked up...and really just want to get past that first post op bm - these posts have terrified me in that regard.

You are lucky that you have a month off - and you have found a way to get over your pain - which would undoubtably come back at some point.

SO - here we go. I will post on Monday night if I can after I get home. If not - I'll be thinking of you on Tuesday. FYI: I hear that colonscopy's aren't bad at all - I wouldn't be worried about that. The prep won't be fun - but the procedure shouldn't be bad. I know several people that have had them and said its not bad. More embarrassing than anything - ALL of this is embarrassing, that's the reason I haven't told ANYONE that I'm doing this/have this.

It makes you wonder how many people do go through this though - and how many people we may know that have? Just my doc says she performs approx four per month - so we're not alone.

Good luck. Think of me at 1:30 pm MST on Monday :(

01-03-2009, 08:05 AM
Dear Mtn Girl --

Hang in there! My own butterflies feel like the size of 747's circling my stomach. I will think about you for the rest of the weekend and on Monday. It will be about the time my colonoscopy will be done, and then I'll have my own night-before jitters before the surgery on Tuesday.

It sounds like you're doing everything right, from what I hear. Everyone tells me the worst thing to do is let yourself get constipated, and to just keep things in motion with high fiber, fiber supplements like Metamucil, and tons and tons of water. I've been posting with DesertDove about all this (she had the procedure last summer), and she's been amazingly helpful. I urge you to read through her posts, They're positive and upbeat, and full of lots of suggestions. For example, she says if you're worried about your first bowel movement (who isn't?), you can always have it while you're soaking your rear in the Sitz bath. She says the warm water helps to support your bum hole, and helps to ease the pain. Then it's easy to just clean the Sitz bath when you're finished. She also reminds you that the pain meds will tend to constipate you, so she suggests not overdoing them. Just take enough to be comfortable. She also says that the Metamucil and stool softeners will help offset the constipating effects of the meds.

The other advice you already know, and I intend to follow it as well: keep horizontal as much as possible, in bed, on the sofa, to keep blood away from the area by standing or sitting too much.

Anyway, I've been checking this board compulsively for the last few days, and I'll continue to do so. Right now I'm doing laundry, going to the store, etc. -- trying to make sure everything is stocked up for the duration. I'll be thinking of you all the time!

I'll check back throughout the day to see if you've posted. Believe me, if it's any help at all, I know how you feel!!

Take care ---

01-04-2009, 04:40 AM
Dear Mtn Girl --

Just checking in with you. I'm getting ready to do my colonoscopy prep today (yuck), which I'll be having tomorrow while you're having surgery. Then it will be my turn the next day. I'm thinking about you! I'm sure you're pretty much beside yourself, which is pretty much how I feel too. I'm trying to relax and chill as best I can. Sometimes I even think i do it for a few moments --

Deep, deep breaths, for both of us -- !

01-04-2009, 08:07 AM
Thanks Mercurio,

I am ready to get it done and move through next week. The waiting now is the hard part. I so appreciate your support and feeling like I'm not alone. I haven't told anyone I'm doing this - so this is a great outlet and it does help to know there are others that have survived it and those like us getting ready to go through it.

Still hoping/praying that we are lucky and it goes easy for both of us!

I'm having an easy day today - enjoying the snow and going for a long walk with my dogs. I'll board them the next few days at dog daycare since I won't be able to walk them.

I hope all goes well for you tomorrow AND Tuesday and will post my experience tomorrow night...

There is no turning back. Looking forward to February! Ha.

01-04-2009, 08:19 AM
Hi again,

I just read your posts with DesertDove - very helpful.

FYI - I am having the "knife" version and without stitches. My doctor believes they cause more trouble and leaves the wound open. THAT is the part that is freaking me out - having an open wound. She tells me the stitches make it harder to clean and are itchy when they heal - so I must believe her.

I would feel better with laser surgery I think - but again, my case isn't bad. Only one rather small hem that causes no pain and two, tiny skin tags. Hoping the cuts are small and heal QUICKLY.

I didn't get the little bath that DDove suggests - but have a bathtub with a handheld showerhead - my doc suggests filling the tub before I have a bm and jumping in just after to soak and rinse with the hose - so that's my plan.

I WILL keep you posted. I will be on my back with my laptop in place over the next few days.


01-05-2009, 03:59 PM
Hi Mercurio,

I did it! I'm home - zero pain at the moment, but of course I'm still numb and they gave me some pain med during surgery. Still nervous about the next two days but its done and I'm glad. I'm on the couch and quite comfortable. Will update tomorrow.

I hope your colonoscopy was easy. I will be thinking of you tomorrow!

Funny, I wasn't nervous at all today.


01-05-2009, 04:53 PM
Oh, god, good for you!!!!! I thought about you so much today ---! The colonoscopy was an absolute breeze: the prep, the procedure itself, the really nice doctors who did it. I was knocked out before I knew what was going on, woke up easily, and was told that everything looked good -- aside from the enormous hemorrhoid! I came home really relieved, and it wasn't until the afternoon that I realized that my hemorrhoids were actually pretty sore (from the scope, I guess). So I've been in some pain again all day (pain practice, I call it, for what's coming up). But that part is over, thank god!

Tomorrow I go for surgery really early -- at 7:00 in the morning, EST. They said the whole procedure -- prep, operation and waking up -- should take about three hours, with about an hour alloted to each. A friend is picking me up around 10 AM, then I come home to see what it's going to be like. I'll be numbed up at first,too.The friend who's picking me up had a similar operation himself about three years ago, by the same surgeon.

By the way, the doctor's office tells me that there isn't any appreciable difference between laser surgery and the scapel. No stitches for me either: I'll have an open wound as well (two, actually, since I'm having two removed). Kind of makes your stomach flip a little just thinking about it, doesn't it?

Anyway, I'll check in tomorow. Good luck ---!! It helps to be able to talk to you. I hope it's not too bad. And just think: YOU DID IT! And you were calm. That's great news.

Thinking about you. We can compare pain meds. Here's hoping --- !!!

01-05-2009, 05:43 PM
So glad to hear that today went well - one down one to go.
I feel perfectly fine. Surprised but happy. Have my feet up on the couch.
I was in and out in three hours. Surgery only took 20 min. The worst part is that my throat is sore from the tube - but I'm not complaining!
You'll be done when I wake up - I'll think of you as I make that first bathroom trip. Eeek. I am nervous about that - but feeling positive about the whole thing.
I was surprised how calm I was - ready. The team of ladies that worked on me were great. Slight stomach upset and like I said, sore throat - but that's IT for now. No pain meds required YET...may take one early in the am before that dreaded bm.
Try to get a good nights sleep - I have a feeling we've been worrying for nothing.

01-06-2009, 11:16 AM
Hi Mercurio,

I hope you're doing okay today. I'm thinking about you!

I'm still doing so much better than I ever thought possible. My biggest complaint/surprise is how sore my body is. My throat, back, legs, abs - I don't know what they did to me on the table but I feel like I was hit by a truck. Loading up on Motrin and taking it easy.

Still, not complaining. My biggest fear was that first after-op bm this AM and it was really no big deal. I must be one of the lucky ones because it really wasn't bad. I was prepared for the worst and almost in tears with anxiety, but I had NO pain - the fiber and stool softeners helped alot and it was over quick. I also set my alarm for an hour before I planned to wake up and took a pain pill - so it was in my system when I went to the bathroom. In addition, right when I woke up I used a little numbing cream the doc had given me and really had no problem.

Jumped in the tub to clean up and that was it. I've been a TINY bit achey down there - but no worse than I would be if I had been constipated.

So aside from my muscle aches I'm doing great. I have no swelling or pain at the incision site at all so far. I did use a little ice last night and I may ice again today to be on the safe side.

Taking it easy - keeping my feet elevated and on Motrin, but so far only the one pain pill (which I will do again in the am until I'm confident in the bm's).

I feel SO lucky after reading what other's have gone through and I hope you are doing as well and resting comfortably. When you're up to it let me know how you're doing.


01-06-2009, 02:36 PM
For anyone that read my last post - I found out what the muscle soreness is from my surgery. It sucks, but I feel better knowing I'm not crazy so I wanted to share:

The severe muscle and joint discomfort experienced after some surgery is known as "postoperative myalgia". This is a fairly common, quite distressing, but rather interesting condition. It usually appears on the first day after surgery, is often described as feeling similar to the pain one might suffer after unaccustomed physical exercise, and is usually located in the neck, shoulder and upper abdominal muscles. There are a few theories about the cause of postoperative myalgia, but it is usually attributed to the use of a muscle relaxant drug called succinylcholine. Hence this is sometimes referred to as "scoline pain".

Typically the pain lasts 2 or 3 days and it can be quite severe, as you've described. Fortunately it does go away without specific treatment. Standard pain medicines, such as acetaminophen can be prescribed.

01-06-2009, 05:44 PM
Dear Mtn Girl,

I'm so relieved that everything has worked out so well! I know how worried you were, especially about the first BM. I'm amazed and gratified how well it's been going for you.

I had my surgery this morning around 8 in the morning, and it's now 8 PM, and I'm sitting here with hardly any pain at all -- at least for now. I'm like you: my worst complaint has been a sore throat from the breathing tube, but I don't want to complain! I took some Tylenol about two hours ago, but any pain I'v felt after the shots wore off today has been way less than any of the pain I've already felt from the hemorrhoids. A sort of very low-grade burning sensation, but absolutely nothing like I expected or feared. Of course, I haven't had the First Bowel Movement yet-- which I'm still fearing as much as you did -- but I'll take whatever unexpected relief I can get, even if it's just for this first night!

Mostly I'm tired from the back-to-back, two-day anxiety ordeal I've put myself through, as well as the week leading up to it: anxiety about the colonoscopy prep, the colonoscopy itself, and today's actual surgery and waking up. All the colonoscopy stuff was a breeze in terms of what I thought it would be; and even today's surgery, if one discounts my fear, was totally straightforward. The surgeon was great; the nurses and assistants were great. I'm just so relieved it's finally over, and that I'm able to sit here comfortably and write to you, and find out that you've had what sounds like a great experience.

I'm still worried about the that first BM, but I'm taking heart about all the fiber and stool softeners I've put myself back on as soon as I got home -- especially after reading your posts.

Cheers to you and continued smooth sailing!

01-06-2009, 07:20 PM
WAHOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

Such great news! I was getting worried when I didn't see any posts from you. Two bm's down and no big deal at all. Did they give you Lidocaine to numb up? I think that helped beforehand.

Seriously, if I didn't end up with this crazy muscle soreness I would be back to normal by tomorrow. This reaction was not something I had been told about or expected and it is brutal. I can hardly move - every muscle in my body is sore. Have been camped out on the sofa all day because of it. Eating Motrin like candy.

Congrats! You did it. You are your way to recovery - let me know how things go for you. YAY!!!!!!!

01-07-2009, 05:14 AM
Wow, you really sound like you're hurting from all the muscle stiffness. I hope it gets better soon.

And two bowel movements down with no sweat! Amazing. I'm still waiting for my first one. I'm not sure if it's going to happen today because I was so empty for two days of fasting (and I ate very, very lightly before the colonoscopy prep, so there wasn't much to get rid of). Otherwise, I ate fairly lightly yesterday, went right back to the fiber and stool softeners, and intend to eat normally -- but sensibly -- today. I'm drinking tons of water. If it doesn't happen today, I'm pretty sure it will happen tomorrow. I never go a day without going to the bathroom, so this feels pretty unusual.

Did you feel ANY pain on the bowel movements at all? What kind of pain killers did you take? So far I've been taking over-the-counter Tylenol ExtraStrength, although I tried one percocet when I went to bed last night, to see how I would react. (Kind of loopy, but didn't seem like anything special.) I also have the heavy duty cream to use. As you can imagine, I'm still obsessing about the first BM. . .

Just amazing that you're doing so well!! Hang in there with all that muscle soreness, and I hope the Motrin helps out! I'll check in later.

01-07-2009, 03:25 PM
Much better today - the muscle stuff seems to be wearing off. Spoke to my doctor and she said there is nothing to be done. It is fairly rare and affects women more than men - but yeah, last night was brutal. I think I'll be over it by tomorrow.

Four bm's down and all is well. Lol. Can't believe I'm talking about bm's but that is the nature of this board I guess. I took a percocet one hour before I got up both yesterday and today. Used a little numbing cream and had zero pain. Went again in the afternoon both yesterday and today without percocet - but did use the numbing cream - mostly because I feel like it covers the little cut. No problem at all. A tiny, tiny bit sore after I go, but no worse than if I had been slightly constipated. Put a cold Tucks pad in place and all is well.

Still on the softeners and high fiber and have taken one tbls of Milk of Magnesia before bed - keeping everything soft and moving quick. It's over so fast it has not been a problem for me at all.

A lot of fear for nothing on my end. I wasn't prepared for the scoline reaction/muscle pain, but even that is going away with the help of Motrin and taking it easy.

Tomorrow I should be up and putzing around the house again. I have been able to work from the couch and no one is the wiser ;)

Sounds like you're doing great as well! Happy, happy news.

01-09-2009, 04:36 AM
Well, yesterday was the big day. I had the first BM, and I was so tense as it was happening I think I left a handprint on the edge of my sink, I was holding on to it so tightly. No stabbing, shooting or knife-like pain; nothing like what I've either read or heard about on this board or from others: just a kind of intense pressure that never turned into the crescendo of agony I was expecting. It was over in a matter of seconds, and when I was finished, I sort of gratefully caught my breath and sat in a warm tub. There was definitely some aching, and a tight, swollen feeling, but it was nothing compared to the hemorrhoid pain I had been suffering before. I didn't even use the percocet, either before or after -- just Tylenol. (The percocet makes me feel weird, so I don't use it at all) I did, however, use the numbing cream, which really helepd.

So there it is. I went again later that afternoon, and yet a third time before bed (I guess I was pretty backed up). Each time was a similar experience: lots of pressure, some aching after it was over, followed by a soothing bath. I woke up this morning, and repeated the experience. I can't say I've enjoyed the sensation, but it's infinitely better than the scenario I had cooked up before the operation.

We must have been really imagining the worst, right? I'm tired and a little sore, but it's nothing like the agony I feared.

Meanwhile, I hope your aches are starting to go away. I've been living on my couch, reading and watching DVDs, and staying horizontal. Hope you're tons better by now!

01-09-2009, 09:29 AM
The worst is over - yay!

I'm great. All my aches were gone yesterday. They left as quickly as they came on. Very bizarre.

I am back to normal - no pain, no swelling, no nothing. Got all caught up around the house today and back to normal life today. It's done and over in four days.

I'm grateful.

Happy healing and thanks again for your support - it really helped to know I wasn't alone.


01-09-2009, 05:15 PM
hi guys. i just browsed through this thread and i am really happy for you guys that you are both fine now and back to normal life like a regular person.

can you guys please take a minute and read my thread and let me know if i am going through the same situation as you guys are. i am little illiterate in this and need your help. please guys check the following link and read my post.



01-11-2009, 02:43 AM
Dear mywayz,

My suggestion is that you see a doctor for a proper diagnosis. I'n not sure what your problem is, and only a doctor will be able to tell you.


01-15-2009, 03:12 PM
Hi Mercurio,

Just checking in to see how you're doing? I had my post op doc visit today and am as good as new. I must admit - aside from my odd reaction to the drugs I did SO much better than I had ever hoped for.

I hope your recovery has gone equally as well and that you are also back to normal :)

01-17-2009, 04:33 AM
Hi Mtn Girl --

Yes, I'm feeling much, much better. I think my surgery and hemorrhoids were more extensive than yours, but I'm still incredibly grateful for what has turned out to be a much, much easier recovery than I ever thought possible. I'm not 100% yet, but each day makes me feel more like my old self. All in all, it's been nothing like the horror show I imagined.

Tuesday will be two weeks since the surgery. By all accounts, everyone says that after two weeks you start to feel much, much better. I already feel like the long ordeal of anxiety and pain is on its way out at last.

Thanks for all your support, and I'm glad you're finished with it all! I guess we did it, didn't we? I hope anyone reading our thread will take heart and learn that the recovery doesn't have to be the nightmare that some people predict.