View Full Version : Curly hair...and thicken?

02-16-2009, 10:26 AM
I am looking for the magical solution to thicken my fine hair yet also emphasize it's curliness! LOL

I've been taking Nioxin vitamins for a few months & my beautician HAS noticed new growth and I go to HER for coloring (no o.t.c. for ME, anymore!)
So, she says it's in really good shape.

I would like to make it thicker and it IS naturally curly, but I have to "mess" with it a lot to bring out it's curl. I guess it's more "wavy" maybe?

I have to let it dry on it's own, then sometimes I blow-dry it (with a diffuser, on warm). Anyway, once it's DRY, I use a spray bottle to dampen it and scrunch the dog out of it. Then, it looks great :)

However, I didn't know if there's anything out there that would make it a bit easier (REALLY bring out the curl) AND thicken it.
I love full hair...always have, always will :)

Thank you, in advance!!