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02-19-2009, 08:38 AM
So I just turned 23 and I've never had major wrinkling or line issues on my face. I look a lot younger for my age and I would like to keep it that way. However, recently, probably in the past couple of weeks I've noticed that I've developed fine lines under my eyes. It didn't bother me at first because sometimes, I guess if I don't hydrate well enough I get lines on my forehead (they're only noticeable to me really close up in the mirror), but they go away after I hydrate, moisturize, and take better care of my skin.
Well, I've been doing that and the lines under my eyes aren't going away. They're very fine and probably only noticeable to me close up but I don't want them to get deeper. I have no idea why they've appeared so suddenly recently but it's starting to bug me. Maybe because I've been having trouble sleeping, but than again, who knows for sure.

I've done a bit of research on eye creams so I would like opinions. I know that Olay is amazing and their products work really well, but it appears that their Definity, Regenerist, and Total Effects lines are mostly for older people who have actual wrinkles. I don't have such severe issues and I've heard countless times that it is bad for young people to use anti-aging products since it thins the skin (or something like that). I am not old and don't have wrinkles so I would like to find eye cream of some sort that is designed for younger skin and helps hydrate/prevent those fine lines from forming or becoming worse.

I thought about getting olay Total Effects Eye Transforming Cream since it seems okay... but it is soooo expensive ($20 for a small 0.5oz tub). It seems hardly worth it, especially since I don't even know whether or not it's right for my skin. I shop at Sally Beauty Supply all the time so I looked at some of the eye creams that they have at more reasonable prices... Of course, once again, most are for eye wrinkles and smoothing out crows feet... I don't have that problem, I just want to prevent that. The only one that is reasonably priced and sounds like it might be worth trying since it got good reviews is Purist Naturals Restoring Gingko Eye Cream. It's about half the price of Olay.

Anyway, does anyone know if it's worth getting one of the two? Or if there are any other better eye creams for young skin? Please let me know because I really don't want the skin to wrinkle and sag any time soon.
Also, I would like something that is reasonably priced, preferably under $20, and also something I can purchase at a store rather than ordering it online.

02-22-2009, 12:52 AM
Hi there! I haven't tried either of those, but I do know that any tiny jars of eye creams I buy usually last quite a while. I'm 22 and also don't have any wrinkles at my young age, but I often don't get enough sleep and feel that my eyes look "tired" sometimes.

A good product I really like (that is in the $10-15 range) is Garnier Nutrioniste Daily Anti-Fatigue Eye Cream. It's in a little green tube and so far it's lasted me quite a while. I just use a little dab slightly less than pea-sized and it's plenty for both eyes. I also liked a Ponds product in a little cylinder shaped container with pink and white swirled product. I don't remember the name and haven't seen it lately, so maybe they stopped making that one. I've tried some other creams that really irritated my eyes. Mary Kay has an eye gel and it would sting my eyes! One other great eye cream is by Prevage, but it's very expensive (almost $100), so I figured I won't be buying that unless I'm older and really need it! Anyway, the Garnier (and Ponds) one helps look my eyes look more refreshed and less tired and smooths out any fine lines I may have from not getting enough sleep. I also use it to prevent any future lines. I use it twice a day after each time I wash my face.

I hope that you find a good eye cream you like! Let us know if you end up trying either of the ones you were thinking about and if you like them.

02-22-2009, 07:11 PM
Thanks for the reply! I completely forgot about Garnier. I just looked it up and it's affordable and seems like a good cream. I guess I should have done more research since now I'm finding many different eye creams by various brands that are between $10 and $25, which is good.
I did, however, go to Sally Beauty a couple of days ago and bought the Purist Naturals Restoring Gingko Eye Cream. I read a few great reviews which made me go out and buy it.
I haven't tried it yet but I plan on doing so tonight. I will let you know how it works. Was also pleased to find that virtually all the ingredients are natural, mostly oils from various plants and seeds, nothing artificial at all. I really hope it works, otherwise I'll have to try the Garnier or go shopping at CVS since they have such a wide selection.

02-23-2009, 12:52 PM
I like the Burt's Bees line as well. They have several eye creams. I use the Radiance one but I'm older so one of the other might suit you. They run around $15 - 16 or so though I've bougth them online cheaper even with shipping,

02-23-2009, 09:01 PM
This may be a bit out of your price range, but clinique has an amazing eye cream called "all about eyes rich." It's $28.50 USD (I pay $37 for it in Canada) for a 0.5oz, but it's worth it in my opinion (and it lasts for quite a long time). The best part is you can go to any Clinique counter, try the product on and let it sit to see if you have a reaction (eyes are tricky, a lot of products even for eyes will sting on different people) and to see how you like it before you buy. If you do try the product on make sure you wait at least 24 hours to see how it works for you.

I have very sensitive skin and I always try before I buy (right now I'm trying MAC eyeshadow, for instance, to see if my eyes react to it or not before I buy).

Keep us posted on what you decide to go with!

02-25-2009, 05:06 AM
I haven't been to Sally's in a while! They have some pretty good stuff there. I also love Burt's Bees, but I didn't realize they had an eye cream. I find that my Garnier one also helps with any puffiness. I haven't tried that rolller bar kind they make, but this one seems to help with puffiness/tired eyes too. I've also heard some people say they used Vaseline under their eyes; however, I felt that this didn't work for me. It felt too thick and sticky, even with a small layer!

02-26-2009, 09:56 PM
Well, I've been using this Purist cream for a few days though not regularly unfortunately. You're supposed to use it twice a day and I usually use it only once a day. I need to get on a routine. So far I can't tell that there's a difference since it's only been a few. I like the ingredients and I like how it smells just like the herbs that it's made up of... basically it smells like really strong herbal tea.
I didn't know that Burt's Bees has an eye cream either but I just looked it up and they have four different ones! If this Purist stuff doesn't work I'm going for the Burt's Bees next since their products have a good rep.
Thanks for all the suggestions.

03-04-2009, 02:22 PM
Wow, okay. So I feel stupid, lol. I recently went to a local library and noticed that they had so many books about beauty. I checked out one called "The Beauty Bible: 2nd edition" by Paula Begoun. She is apparently an author/publisher of cosmetic books, as well as a consultant to cosmetic companies, researcher, and makeup artist. I started reading this book yesterday and can't put it down. I'm already 1/3 of the way through and I cannot believe how much information I've learned from this woman who knows EVERYTHING there is to know about skin. I am so shocked at my own stupidity for falling for so many myths and ideas about skin care. Apparently I've been abusing my skin like crazy without even realizing it. I was so worried about eye creams (turns out eye creams aren't different from regular moisturizers - except that they're extremely overpriced tiny containers).
This book discusses everything from various cosmetic ingredients to skin care, to cosmetic surgery and other procedures.

I highly recommend this book to everyone who visits this board; you will learn so much about your products and others that you're thinking of buying. I learned soooo much and I haven't even finished the book. I am so glad I will no longer be stupid enough to throw hundreds of dollars on beauty products every year for no good reason. I feel stupid now that I actually went out and bought this "natural" eye cream when all I ever have to do is slap on some good sunscreen and maybe a mild moisturizer (around the eye area) that I was already (unnecessarily) using over my entire face. (Turns out my constan complaints of clogged pores and blackheads are most likely caused by moisturizer overuse. Go figure!)

03-05-2009, 08:31 AM
Thanks for letting us know about the book! I'll have to look for it. Does the book happen to mention anything that works well for if your eye area gets a little bit puffy from not sleeping enough? Of course getting more sleep is the best option, but I feel like a regular moisturizer doesn't help this as much as my eye cream since it specifically helps that "tired look." I know there are some natural (and probably much cheaper) remedies out there, but I am hoping they are just as easy and convenient. I used to use the same moisturizer all over and didn't seem to have luck with that problem :confused:.

03-06-2009, 01:22 PM
I haven't finished it yet, but so far I did not come across any information regarding puffiness. It does discuss lines and that you basically can't prevent them by using eye creams and moisturizers. It's best to just moisturizer a little bit if your skin is really dry (as in tight and uncomfortable), otherwise you don't really need to use anything else except sunscreen since your skin produces enough of its own oils (unless you have a skin disorder and/or extremely dry skin that really needs to be moisturized lightly). I love this book and the fact that everything is backed by science and extensive research... She even discusses certain studies which have reported false information and/or been taken out of context. It's amazing how much we don't know yet we think we do so we run to the nearest cosmetics counter or drug store for "remedies" that obviously don't work. If they did than we wouldn't need so many different "new" creams and products.

She basically tells you to stay away from smoking, eat healthy, wash/cleanse your skin properly and always use sunscreen. Best way to take care of skin is with AHA and BHA creams, but she goes into detail and emphasizes that concentration between 3% and 4% (for AHA) and 1% and 2% (for BHA) are the best... and only when they're between 3 and 4 pH levels which, unfortunately, is not listed on the product bottles so you would have to test that yourself at home.

But anyway... seriously, anyone who uses cosmetics and skincare products of any kind religiously needs to read what this woman has to say. She is a researcher and has been in the business for 30, I believe. She also a bunch of other books that I'm looking forward to reading. Among them are Don't Go To The Cosmetics Counter Without Me and Don't Go Shopping For Haircare Products Without Me. I'm crazy for makeup and haircare products so I can't wait to learn exactly what I've been doing right and wrong over the years.

03-07-2009, 06:11 PM
I've browsed through the Don't Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me and it seemed very helpful. The copy I looked at was outdated though, and I know there are much newer versions with more up-to-date products. It was neat because it really explained a lot about the products. I saw a few products rated very high that I don't care for at all, but then again, I have to realize that my taste in makeup might not be the same as the majority of people. For example, I know a lot of people who want very natural, barely there mascara and I go for lots of volume and length. I'd be interested to see the new version of the book though!

03-08-2009, 08:21 PM
I don't know which version my library has so I'll have to look at it. This book, however, is from 2002. It doesn't recommend very many products since it mostly revolves around skin care dos, don'ts, and really explains the nature of skin which is extremely helpful.

03-11-2009, 04:16 PM
Thanks for letting us know about the book! I'll have to look for it. Does the book happen to mention anything that works well for if your eye area gets a little bit puffy from not sleeping enough? Of course getting more sleep is the best option, but I feel like a regular moisturizer doesn't help this as much as my eye cream since it specifically helps that "tired look." I know there are some natural (and probably much cheaper) remedies out there, but I am hoping they are just as easy and convenient. I used to use the same moisturizer all over and didn't seem to have luck with that problem :confused:.

Interestingly enough she does address the issue of eye puffiness but at the end of the book. It's odd because she discussed all sorts of eye and skin problems and makeup techniques but puffiness was not addressed till the final chapter.
Here is what she has to say:
-Water retention is a likely cause for puffiness.
-Contact lenses may be an issue, so if you wear them choose ones that feel most comfortable for your eyes.
-Alcohol and salt-rich diet can contribute to puffiness so it's best to avoid them.
-Exposure to smoke, rubbing the eyes, allergies, dry air, makeup, allergic reactions, pollution, and irritating skin-products all contribue to the problem. Of course, it is extremely difficult to pin point exactly which one (or the combination of factors) is causing the puffiness.

-Cosmetics and "miracle" eye products don't address the puffiness issue.
-Sitting up can prevent fluids from collecting in the tissues, of course, that is hard to achieve at night since you can't sleep sitting up. In this case it's best to sleep with your head slightly elevated.
-Make sure to take makeup off at night.
-Don't rub the eye area and take antihistamines if you have allergies.
-Avoid irritating skin care products, and moisturize the area with a light-weight, fragrance-free moisturizer to prevent dryness which can cause irritation. (Avoid all moisturizers and products which contail wit ch hazel, mint, lemon, orange, grapefruit, plant oils, eucalyptus, camphor, and most other plan extracts.)
-Place cold compresses on the eyes or leave your moisturizer in the refridgerator so it's cool when you apply it.
-If nothing works than your eyes may be "naturally puffy" due to large fat pads around the eye (which can be treated with cosmetic surgery).

Hope this helps!

03-11-2009, 08:47 PM
I couldn't find any of that author's books at my library, but I did read Bobbi Brown's beauty book. That was a very good read.

03-12-2009, 10:07 AM
Regarding the eye puffiness, it's mostly just in the morning because I move in my sleep quite a bit. I often sleep on my face, with it turned to the side. I'll try to sleep on my back, but I always move back! I have tried those special memory foam pillows and end up waking up uncomfortable. Guess it's just one of those things! I ran out of my last eye cream, which worked fine for me, and I just use a dab of Curel on any dry spots that stay dry all day. Works just as good! Maybe I'll try the book tip and put a little bit in the fridge. Sounds refreshing!

I'd much rather NOT have to buy extra products if I can use money for something else anyway. Skincare can get so expensive! Next stop will be searching for a way to cure my acne that has been an issue lately. I've tried many things and then tried doing nothing and it just stays the same. I had great skin before and this seems to be stress-caused acne.

03-13-2009, 05:25 PM
I strongly suggest this book. If you can't find it at a library than consider purchasing it at a very popular book store (I know that they have it for sure) or a popular book seller website. It only costs about $13-17 and it's well worth the money because it will definitely save you thousands of dollars that you would be spending on useless cosmetics in the future. She addresses the acne issue all throughout the book and has an entire 35 (or so) page chapter dedicated to all the issues, causes, potential cures, etcetera.

I will just list a few that may be potential causes:
-hormonal activity
-overproduction of oil by the glands (also related to hormones)
-irregular or excessive shedding of dead skin cells both on surface and inside pores (exfoliating can sometimes help a little bit)
-buildup of bacteria inside pores
-irritation or reactions to cosmetics, foods, or medicines

She also mentions 3 myths that pretty much everyone believes in:
1. You can dry up a blemish - Apparently not so because blemishes aren't "wet." Drying up the skin only drains cells of fluids by imairing the cellular matrix, causing further irritation.
2. Blemishes are caused by dirty skin - Overcleaning the face with harsh cleansers and bar soap causes irritation and clogs pores, which can cause breakouts. So overcleansing is a bad idea.
3. You can spot-treat blemishes - Most blemishes are created by bacteria inside pores and they take time to show up on the face (up to three weeks). Dealing with only blemishes that you see does not prevent ones that are forming underneath the skin, in the hair follicles/pores, which will show up much later.

Basically the only real solutions for the acne problem are:
-gentle, water-soluble cleansers to reduce further irritation
-exfoliating to remove dead skin cells
-absorbing access oils to reduce clogged pores
-killing bacteria by means of oral antibiotics
-birth control kills to reduce hormonal oil production
-topical retinoids such as Retin-A, Avita, or Differin
-and if all else fails - Accutane, which should be the resort.

03-14-2009, 02:32 PM
I'm almost 24 and started to notice some fine lines as well. The product that has really given me results is Loreal's Eye Defense. It's about $13 dollars for a small container, smells nice, not strong. It is more of like a gel cream, than a heavy cream and I think this is why I like it so much. It's refreshing and tightens up the skin just a little bit. Makes for very easy makeup application (it's perfectly fine to wear under makeup). I just look more awake, and refreshed when I use this cream. Definately should give it a shot!