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02-27-2009, 04:21 PM
hi there,

this topic has probably been discussed here before but could anyone that has had melanoma say that they have had other signs of been ill before they where diagnosed.
i was diagnosed with melanoma five years ago and before that i was feeling under the weather all the time, i was too tired to do anything, was eating alot and put up weight, the doctor told me it was my job, i loved my job, i put it down to that and left my job and got something else and within three months i was diagnosed with melanoma. I had my treatment and got on with my life when all this started to happen again and found out it had recurred.
when you research melanoma it dosen't tell you any other symtomns to look out for other than moles, rashes, skin changes etc..i do realise that these are the biggest things to look for when diagnosing melanoma but sometimes it might help the people who are not sure about moles.
i hope this makes sense..

02-27-2009, 05:18 PM
Thank you....I think it is really important to post that for others to read. There are many things that go on inside our bodies that Doctors do not know about. Just like having Shingles and being fatigued.....my GP said that can mean you have a cancer somewhere. Your immune system ia compromised so you can react and break out with Shingles. I had shingles and terrible fatigue 3 years ago and now have my 2nd bout of cancer. I hope others will come forward with any symtoms.
You must be very intune with your body......important to listen to that. My Father always itched with his melanomas. He always knew when he had one.

The Best to you........Oleander

03-02-2009, 08:59 AM
I've talked to people who have been staged with multiple levels of melanoma, and continue to be. I've read blogs from people who have kept records during their treatment from day 1, who are no longer with us. I was always anxious to find out - what other symptoms were there? Did they know when they had gone from stage II to stage III? Or from stage III to stage IV? I've talked to people who had lesions on their lungs, brains, bones, and livers. I'm thinking some one had to feel something at some time, right??

Wrong. Except for the brain, and sometimes with the bones, most people simply did not feel anything different when melanoma began attacking the liver or the lungs. And this is stage IV melanoma! There was no shortness of breath, no chest pains, no jaundice, no weakness, no fatique. When the lesions on the brain became involved, there were headaches. And when the bones were involved, there was achiness. But many times, these were discounted at first.

Simply put, melanoma, especially in its earliest stages, really has no other symptoms. But then, most cancers in their earliest stages don't, either. My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer through a mammogram, and she felt great.

If you say you feel tired, and melanoma occurs, I could see where that would be easy to say the two are related. But what will you do if you experience fatigue and there is no melanoma? It might help to document this, perhaps keep a journal. That might help you to see and reflect on what is happening. There are a lot of people out there in the blogging world who have melanoma (at all stages) who keep blogs as a way of releasing their anxiety, anger, frustration. And sometimes others can give them just the words they need to hear.

03-02-2009, 06:13 PM
Well I have been bone tired for the past 6 months! It is to the point of where I sleep all day on Saturday and half a day on Sunday. I don't remember being so tired and I just found out on 12/26/08 I had stage 1 of melanoma.

My scar is itching and so is that freckle/mole that has grown on the scar tissue. The itching was the ONLY reason I brought up my funny looking mole in the first place, because it's winter and no mosquitos outside! But the new, funny looking mole that is growing on my breast does NOT itch, so who knows? *shrug*

03-03-2009, 12:06 PM
think it is a good idea to start keeping a record,i don't know whether to put my tiredness down to stress of everything. i understand about the point where there is no signs of melanoma,hence why it is a deadly cancer if not detected early. maybe everyones circumstances are different, when my mole was removed the thickness of the melanoma was 5mm, i could be wrong in saying that maybe cause it was so deep in that tiredness could of been a sign. and my lump removed in january, the outside was perfect but the melanoma was found right in the centre.
i find i'm at a disadvantage with all this cause I'm in Ireland, and some websites have medical terms i never even heard my doctors mention. Alot of my knowledge is from the internet, things like breslow thickness and clarks level i never heard been mentioned in any of my appointments.

03-04-2009, 11:17 AM
If your melanoma was 5 millimeters, then that was your Breslow. Clark's Level is scored differently using a different formula. 5mm is a thick melanoma. I'm assuming you've had a SNB (sentinal node biopsy)? What was the result of that?

I've talked to a couple of people in the UK who have been diagnosed with melanoma, and - not meaning to sound nationalistic or anything - but I am thankful to be in the US. I think Australia also has great inroads with melanoma.

03-05-2009, 11:39 AM
i had a snb and there was melanoma found there.so all my ct scans for the last five years where of my abdomen and pelvis and nowhere else and the recurrence was the back of the knee, i suppose the docs presume that it wasn't there in the first place so it was gone from the leg, your definitely right about nationalistic, because i seem to know more than my doctors, i had my interferon so they can't give me more and there is no clinical trials.and they don't seem to be considering radiation anymore. so i have to sit and wait.

03-09-2009, 02:30 PM
Depending on your scans, what you are doing is pretty normal. It sounds as if you were diagnosed stage III (lymph nodes involved), and you have received interferon. If, after that, your scans were clear, it is a game of wait, scan, wait, scan, wait, etc. I know that seems really difficult, and I, too, would be going crazy, but it's what the melanoma world has right now. You hope, you pray for those clear scans, and the more years you accumulate, the better off you are.

It does seem odd that the docs would only scan the abdomen and pelvis. I was under the impression there were scans done of the entire body, but perhaps I'm mistaken. I think you'll be okay. You sound like a very diligent person, and that really makes you your own best advocate!