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03-06-2009, 10:19 AM
Hi everyone,
I'm pregnant in my 14th week & i'm looking for a good brand (better if organic or even a natural remedy) cocoa butter to start to use to avoid getting stretch marks.
I thought of buying palmers' cocoa butter but it seems to me that looking for something else is better.
I also welcome any natural or homemade remedy.
What about olive oil, is it good for this purpose?

03-08-2009, 07:52 AM
no response!!!!!!
any thing!!!!!

03-08-2009, 08:34 PM
I don't know about natural remedies but I will tell you that cocoa butter is cocoa butter. There isn't much of a difference in any of them since it's just lotion. I've heard good things about Palmer's but it's too expensive imo when you can find much cheaper brands that are essentially the same. I get a cocoa butter lotion (Proclaim is the brand) from Sally Beauty Supply. It costs about $2 for a big 32oz bottle and it works better at moisturizing my skin than any other more expensive brand. Really, it's up to you.

Olive oil is a good moisturizer so you can use that as well. I don't know whether or not it prevents stretch marks but it will moisturize your skin and that is basically what you're trying to achieve.

Just know that those moisturizers, including cocoa butter, will not get rid of stretch marks if you happen to get them.

03-09-2009, 07:08 AM
Palmers is the best I use it every single day

03-09-2009, 02:34 PM
Actually i'm trying to prevent new stretch marks not treating old ones since i have nothing before.
So i'll use palmers' as you recommended.
Thank you all for the advice.

03-10-2009, 09:49 AM
I liked the Palmer's brand. They also make good shea butter, which I also believe may help prevent stretch marks. They smell very good! I don't know where the best place to buy it would be, but if it's a big and common store (rather than a smaller drugstore), it's usually pretty cheap.

03-10-2009, 10:11 AM
I used Palmer's everyday while I was pregnant and I still got stretch marks. I think it just depends on your skin. But any lotion will help with the itchiness. Congrats on your baby bump!

03-15-2009, 12:06 AM
Hi, I use Palmers for all sorts of things. Shea butter is great, cocoa butter for scars may help a little post-birth if the dreaded stretch marks appear. I have 3 babies and no stretch marks and I used a cheap Vit E cream, I can't say that is the reason for no stretch marks but Shea Butter contains Vit. E so I'd give that a try and it does smell good. Remember that your tum is not the only thing expanding at this time. Hips and T*ts need some loving moisturizer too.

Best wishes for the rest of your pregnancy and in the future. I'd look into what is available in your area for baby massage after he/she arrives. It is one of the most bonding things you can do with your wee babe, after breastfeeding.


03-15-2009, 02:26 PM
thank you all for your replies.
& yes Tanya thanx I would love to tell me more about that baby massage!!!

03-16-2009, 12:08 AM
Baby massage is quite simple. After the bath time, I recommend bathing every 2-3 days and not every day as this dries out babies skin and removes any natural barriers that the baby is building to protect against skin infections and other "normal flora" that we all carry on our bodies everyday. This normal flora is a term for bacteria that we pick up everyday, that does not harm us but builds up our immune systems.

Now to the massage - while the babe is naked and on its towel after the bath, dampen your hands with plenty of baby oil. Start at the feet and move your finger between their little toes, around their feet and heals, then up their legs and just gently roll the muscles and smooth the skin. Direction does not matter. Then the arms and shoulders - remembering to keep your hands well lubricated. Roll the baby slightly to the side and smooth gently massage the oil over the back and that cute little bottom, and lastly over the chest and tummy.

[I did this last because a little stimulation can often have a messy result. This is perfectly natural and if my babies had wind I would massage their large colon from right to left at the top of the stomach and then down towards the groin, none of this has to have much pressure but it feels wonderful for you and baby. The result relieves the baby of pain from wind.]

It all takes about 5-8 minutes and is very relaxing. My babies would even fall asleep sometimes. Make sure that your hands and the room are pleasantly warm. Then dress the baby. Its old fashioned advice but true, if it is a cool day dress the babe in a similar weight of clothes on yourself and remember that babies generally have little hair and a bonnet is needed on a cool day to prevent heat loss.

My babies were not sooky or screamers - and they were familiar with my soothing touch. Some African and sub continent cultures have been practicing this for generations. Look on the internet for "baby massage" and I am sure you will find more information. I have just told you my technique.

All the best and I am pleased to be of service. My daughter has massaged both her children in a similar way and it is quite common practice now in Australia and taught by midwives and neo natal nurses to settle a baby. I practiced yoga and meditation before and during my pregnancies and this is an Indian/Asian practice and this is where I learnt it.

Love to you and the little one,


03-16-2009, 04:51 PM
So greatful to you Tanya for the nice lesson i needed to know for real.
God bless you & your family.

03-16-2009, 06:15 PM
Your'e welcome. God bless you and your [growing] family too.

03-17-2009, 05:24 PM
HI again, two things I did not mention:
1. talk to your baby during the massage, name the body parts you are massaging, tell the baby how beautiful they are, sing softly, or anything else you can think of.
2. Before dressing the baby gently pat off any excess oil.

I'm sure I've finished on this thread now, I just could not let it finish without saying these last 2 things.

Love and wishes for a healthy pregnancy and beautiful baby.