View Full Version : Where is all this CANCER coming from?

04-02-2009, 03:32 PM
The immune system is an incredibly effecient system in the body; but one that is very much dependent on your conscious choices from the time you are born all through life. It is more and more through generations the most neglected are of the body, meaning if you want to be able to ward off illness and disease, there is only ONE way to accomplish this, period!

The immune system is responsible for protecting you from cancers and other disease. You body craves Good 'REAL" Food;, not the stuff most folks eat on a daily basis. We have been so condition over the last 50yrs or so, to eat so much of this fast food, boxed food, pre-pared frozen foods, processed heated foods, that now that is what MOST people live on solely; some maybe getting one or two if that, servings of vegies/fruits a day. But eating so much other crap, drinking soda for water, and then expecting in some magical way that they will not get deathly ill, or age prematurely, loose their eyesite, become obease, and all the other disease conditions of the body.
After years of this kind of abuse and neglect what do you expect! The body can only take so much of this abuse. Some can take it longer than others but no one can avoid the results of such abuse. And that is exactly what you are seeing now with all increase in illness and new disease's that are now catching up to you from YOUR choices.

I have heard so many people say to me, "I just dont understand it, he was ony in his thirties or forties, how could this happen; his wife and kids are all alone now". Yes this is sad, very sad, but not a suprise.
People, if you do not make change from what you having been putting in your mouth, how can you expect to feel better. Your body made your condition based on your maintainence or lack of! Do you nee help?
** NOTE** Food can kill and food can heal, that is as simple as I can put it; but if you already have a disease condition, depending on your condition, some normally good foods can accelerate and feed your ill condition.

Sincerely, Daniel