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04-13-2009, 07:01 PM
I went to a doctor and was referred to a surgeon b/c my butt cheek area , the whole surrounding area is very dark and looked infected. I went to my surgeon and he did an office surgery when i got there and told me i had a Pilonidal cyst. Well he took a knife and cut some part of my skin on Thursday and told me to stay in my bathtub with running water and lye 3-4 times a day for my butt to circulate.

I will be going back on Tuesday as another follow up. I might have the operation i dont know yet. However, since he already did the in office surgery on Thursday, he noticed that my butt area is not as reddish/black as it was before. Yes i know the area around my butt and genitals is suppose to be darker than your skin but my butt cheeks and the surroudning areas are VERY dark. i am asian male 23 by the way.

When i look at the mirror, my butt cheeks and the area surrounding my ******** is very dark. I asked my doctor would the discoloration go away since most likely it was the pilonidal cyst that caused this and he said most likely not.

Does anyone know what i can do? My butt area looks black and bruised obviously it was from the infection of the pilondial cyst. I didnt went to the doctor 1 -1.5 year ago when i noticed this b/c I was very scared.

I googled and saw some things on anal bleaching but is that for the butt? This is very embarrassing as well for me. I also saw that they say dont use the product if the area is infected and what not so I don't think i should use that. Again, my butt cheeks when i spread a little looks VERY BLACK like i had some BIG bruises there and it loks like it will stay there forever.

Does anyone know what i can do specifically? Thank you.

04-14-2009, 01:13 PM
I don't know much about your condition, though I did have a pylonidal cyst when I was in my 20s. (It cleared up on its own, however) My suggestion would be to give your body some time at the moment. You say that you've just had this infection, right? Perhaps the discloration might be in reaction to that. If you wait until the infection is totally cleared up, the discoloration might clear up as well. I remember with the cyst I had, that entire area would become extremely senstive and tender when I would get a flare-up. You may be a little bruised there.

Once the infection has totally cleared up, if the discoloration is still present, then I would suggest seeing a doctor (not a surgeon, though) and see what might be done. I doubt if bleaching is something you want to be doning in an area with extremely sensitive skin. You might have other options available, this might clear up on its own, you never know. Perhaps a dermatologist would provide some help for you.

04-15-2009, 08:04 PM
Chele60, did you had any irriration and inflammation in your buttocks area as a result of this? I went to a skin specialist today and he told me it is very inflamed and i can't do nothing to it for another 3-4 weeks b/c i just had it drained. He said surgery is a good thing though. My buttocks area is red and very BLACK.

04-16-2009, 08:26 AM
Oh man, I remember that cyst was one of the MOST painful things I'd ever experienced in my life! I'm not sure how long yours has been active, but mine was episodic: it would flare up, become inflamed, swell, burst, drain, have a scab, and then heal over. I would be fine for a few months and then it would start all over again. When it was inflamed, it was painful to sit, lay on my back, drive, stand. And when it swelled, my whole lower back would swell. And when it would finally burst? Oh my gosh, it was the most disgusting gunk - and I never really knew when it would burst.

I did have a surgeon look at it, and he said surgery was an option. The problem with a pylonidal cyst is there is no guarantee that they will grow back. So, you could go through the surgery (which, in and of itself is not a pleasant experience), and a year or so later be dealing with the same situation. He did give me some recommendations on how to live with it - mostly soaking in hot water when inflammed to soften the skin so it would burst to relieve the pressure. Sometimes doctors would give me antibiotics, but I never felt those worked. The surgeon did tell me most of the time they do just dry up and go away, but there is no way to tell how, when, or why.

Then, mysteriously, the episodes become very infrequent. And, the last time I had an episode, it was extremely painful (the skin had grown over and was very thick). I couldn't get it to burst, so I went to the doctor and she lanced it. (cut it and forced it to drain, then inserted some sort of medicine directly into the cyst) When it healed, which took a week or so, it never returned, and it has never bothered me again. This was almost 20 years ago.

I know the area used to be very, very red when inflammed and shiny because of being swollen. It was never black, though, that I can recall. I would be cautious of surgery, however. Get a second opinion on that. Of course, surgery techniques might have changed in the 20+ years since I last consulted a surgeon about this, but just beware of what you are getting yourself into.

You really do have my sympathy with this. It is extremely painful. Also, you might want to see if anyone in your family has this. When I had mine, I discovered my father had had one - curious, I thought at the time!

04-17-2009, 11:16 AM
hey chele60 i am very confused now. Again, i went to my doctor not because i felt there was something there... i went there b/c i noticed my buttocks area was VERY REDDISH AND BLACKISH. I did feel some pain but it was very occassional.

It was when he told me i had a pilonidal cyst that i was shocked. I felt the cyst but it never really hurt when i sit though. It just felt inflammed that many times my butt area felt like it was burning though i never felt like the cyst bothered me.

When you said your cyst caused the area to be inflamed, are you talking about about your buttocks area as the whole skin and surrounding areas got very red and stayed like that? Because that is how it is with me right now.

03-06-2011, 04:50 PM
anyone can help?

I tried even lemon peel bioferment and it doens't work.