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05-02-2009, 05:22 PM
am trying to remove my black heads by using the proper tool but still stubborn to go...i grew up with this black thing on my nose & it is very very ugly lukin' for me as a lady at the same time i have Syringoma which i recently burnt it with laser. it was so painful & at the end it is not the cure for this kind of wart. please i need some help for my work needs a proper look, specially the face. everyday am facing with a thousands of people it makes me look like a have a very bad sickness that it's contagious!!!
It will appreciate it a lot...thanks.

05-02-2009, 05:47 PM
Try - Clean & Clear, Noxzema, or Proactiv. (All GOOD Products)
And if none of these work, your best bet could actually just be soap and water.
Trust me, soap and water does miracles. :)
Hope you get rid of those DARN blackheads!

05-03-2009, 05:15 PM
Mild cleanser only... do not wash your face with bar soap, ever! You can try finding a liquid or gel BHA (beta hydroxy acid - aka salicylic acid) product (between 1% and 3%). There are a few out there but they are not guaranteed to work because the pH balance of the product must be around 3. This is ideal for oily skin because that is one of the reasons why you are developing blackheads.
I know that Paula's Choice has such products so you should definitely give one of those a try.

Also, ditch your moisturizer if you are using one. You obviously do not need it. Unless you have really dry skin you do not need a moisturizer; it will just cause more problems by clogging your pores with even more oils, trapping dirt and dead skin cells in your pores, and therefore creating more blackheads.

05-10-2009, 08:47 PM
I also agree not to use bar soap! It's way harsh on the skin. There are some cleansers out there in the form of a bar meant specifically for the skin and are more gentle, so these would be okay, but not regular soap. I use products meant for acne and have a foaming cleanser and like it. The foam is great for getting your makeup off. I recommend washing your face once in the morning and once in the evening. To prevent blackheads, it's very important to wash off your makeup at the end of the day. Even mineral makeup seemed to get into my pores if I didn't wash it off. Make sure to use only oil-free products. Make sure your makeup is oil free and as mentioned, use moisturizer only where you need it and make sure it is oil free as well. I like just dabbing a little bit of Curel lotion around my eyes and that's really the only place I need it. I use a mild acne product meant to use all-over and that seems to moisturize a little bit anyway. You might also want to look into microdermabrasion. I tried the kit from Mary Kay and it was really awesome for gently exfoliating your skin. It helped my skin clear up quite a bit and helped get rid of blackheads. It's a bit pricey (around $50) but it worked better than other products I've tried! You can sometimes get a free sample from MK to try it out first. My sample lasted a while too!