View Full Version : soft light green stool + nausea

05-06-2009, 10:33 PM
for 10-15 days I am observing soft green stool. its not as soft as loose motion. not even semi soft as normal stool. and its colour is light bright green.

I was experiencing nausea while eating for several months (i.e. before months of the stool problem). and this problem is still present.

Some Side notes.

My semen is of yellow colour and smell awful.
I've suffered for nefritis before 8-9 years.
my parents have stomach problems (acidity, decentry etc..)
I've noticed another problem and I donno its purely psycological problem or not
In expected-but-unprepared or unexpected-but-prepared or anything I cant explain it clearly. Whenever I get some kinda EXCITEMENT while talking with others My heartbeat increases surprisingly.But its not really a matter of increasing heartbeat.I just get huge excitement on little things.