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05-15-2009, 11:37 AM
Can anyone plzzzzzzz help me?? I am going crazy! I am obsessed with PINK and have been all my life. I cant remember the exact year that I bout it, but I think It was around 2001 cover girl had his absolutely fablous cotton candy pink eye shadow out that is since been long discontinued. I have ran out and can not remember the name to look up. It lasted all day and kind of had a shimmery look to it. If ANYONE has ANY ideas of what it can be please respond! or if you know of any other brands that sound like they might be similar let me know. Thanks much!:confused:

05-18-2009, 08:48 PM
Hi there! I haven't seen this exact color, but I'd recommend looking into MAC cosmetics. They cost more, but they have SOOO many colors including different shades of pink. The eyeshadows last forever, so they are worth the money. I love the loose shadows, like the pigment products. You can just use a tiny bit and it gives plenty of color. You can always search online for discontinued products and you might be able to find it. I've found one of my favorite discontinued eyeshadows online on bidding websites and was very happy!

05-20-2009, 06:49 PM
L'Oreal HIP eyeshadows are awesome. They have a bright pink shade called "Fiery" so you might want to look into that. They're sparkly (not glitterly) and stay on really well, plus they come in a cute container with a sifter and a really great applicator brush (it's great quality and really soft).
I don't know if this shade is anything like the one you're describing, but it's my favorite shade of pink eyeshade. L'Oreal has a lot of great shades but unfortunately they're kind of expensive (around $10 for one).

05-21-2009, 07:45 AM
I also have a pink shadow from Loreal Hip. Mine is a loose shadow in a little pot, and I'm not sure of the name, so it might be the same one. It's more of a brighter pink though, not a pale pink. I like the color a lot.

The good thing about those loose shadows it that they are highly pigmented, so you only have to use a little bit to get plenty of color. So, one little container will really last a long time. The Loreal shadows are much, much cheaper than the MAC pigments, but they are a little bit smaller. They should still last a long time b/c I know mine has! I know I was looking at a discontinued MAC pigment and it was just over $30 online. Pricey, but they really do last and the colors are incredible and sometimes when you find that perfect color, you can't find another brand that makes one just like it. I also like to mix colors to make them customized. You can mix a brighter pink with a shimmery white to get a light pink. You might want to try that if you aren't able to find the right pink!

Maybelliner roller eyeshadows also used to sell a really nice pink that wasn't as bright. It was a lighter, shimmery pink. I still have mine, but now they are discontinued! Don't you hate when that happens? I actually found them later on at a dollar store so I stocked up on them since I liked the color so much. I still have a few sealed for future use.

05-21-2009, 02:55 PM
I also have a pink shadow from Loreal Hip. Mine is a loose shadow in a little pot, and I'm not sure of the name, so it might be the same one. It's more of a brighter pink though, not a pale pink. I like the color a lot.

That's the one I'm talking about. It's definitely my favorite shade. It's bright but it's a really awesome shade of pink. These shadows are small but they last forever. I've used mine probably 10 times and the little container is still almost full. $10 isn't too much for such a great shadow because it also comes with a really good brush, but I definitely wouldn't pay more than that. I also sometimes like to mix it with other colors, like black, to create a really cool black/pink smokey eye look. It's my favorite and can look quite dramatic on some people (depending on the shape of your eyes).

I know that Bonne Bell has some amazing eyeshadows called Shadow Box. They come in a container with strips of color... there are 9 different combinations. They have one called "Girly Pinks" and "Big City Pinks" that are great. They're really cheap yet the shadows are great quality and last forever. These are the only shadows that I have tried that don't crease AT ALL and stay on pretty well. The shadows are not as pigmented as L'Oreal but they create the same shimmery effect. I absolutely love them, I just have to find a store that sells them. Most stores like Target, CVS, Walgreens, Wal-Mart, etc are supposed to sell them but many in my area don't (or maybe I'm not looking hard enough).

You should definitely try them out (if you can find them). They cost around $3-4 and do not disappoint.

05-22-2009, 05:18 AM
The pink IS a really nice shade! They do really last forever even though the container looks pretty tiny, plus as Ellie mentioned, you get a free brush with the eyeshadow. I'll have to try using it with black, that sounds like a neat idea. I love more dramatic eye looks and wish I could wear them more often during the day, but I am a bank auditor, so I have to save the really fun looks for going out.

Another higher end brand that has many, many shades is Bare Minerals. I don't care for the foundation powders, but the eyeshadows are great. I think I paid just over $10 for mine, and it's a loose eyeshadow that also lasts forever! It's less pigmented than Loreal Hip, but the container probably holds 3 times as much product. I buy the ones with shimmer in them. I have a silver colored one I wear almost every day. The colors are great because you can just use a little bit for a sheer look or layer on more for a dramatic look. I have other colors and I know I've seen pinks, but silver is the one I use the most. I prefer to spend less on my makeup unless the product really does make a difference (I test them out first) or if the color is really amazing and unique, where other brands don't make it. I had a favorite blush that was over $20 but nobody else made that color! Unfortunately, it was discontinued, but I found it online after searching around for it.. and at a discount!!

I've also used the Bonne Bell products (mine was a blue set) and the colors were pretty nice. Great price for these!

05-27-2009, 11:26 AM
I use the Bonne Bell eyeshadow too. I don't have the pink set, mine are tans and browns and a shimmery white that I really like. They are inexpensive and I really like them. Worth a shot for the price! Good luck. I hate it when makeup is discontinued. I can no longer get my favorite Max Factor Lipstick color.

05-27-2009, 04:32 PM
I just saw some pretty light pinks with shimmer by Milani. I don't see this brand at too many places, but CVS carries it. I saw the Bonne Bell products there too! They had them only at the very end of an aisle and not too many of them.