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05-26-2009, 09:31 AM
So, I got my path report back, and out of 8 moles removed all if them came back dysplastic nevus(minor) except one. Margins are clear. The 7 that came back dysplastic nevus were all taken off my upper back. The normal one was off my back left thigh.

Now my plastic surgeon wants to go and take every single atypical mole off. He said he wasn't expecting them to all come back Dysplastic Nevus.

Now, I have quite a few. Probably 50 or so that are atypical moles. I have an appointment with him next Tuesday so he can look over my skin real close and come up with a game plan. I am thinking this is going to take a while to get them all off.

Most of the are small and can be punch biopsied out. But I hate those needles they hurt. And this past time was my second go around in 6 weeks.

Would you have all of your atypical moles removed? If they all came back dysplastic nevus?

My body is going to look like a scarred roadmap:(

05-26-2009, 02:07 PM
Would you have all of your atypical moles removed? If they all came back dysplastic nevus?

My body is going to look like a scarred roadmap:(

Without any prior background of cancer?

No, I wouldn't.

Even with my previous melanoma diagnosis in mind, I would not have that many moles removed. At least, not without more than atypical moles/dysplastic nevus present or a second opinion from a dermatologist who specializes in melanoma and skin cancers.

05-26-2009, 06:35 PM
No. I have had none come back with cancer. I also do not have any history of ANY type of skin cancer in my family. On either side.

This is a plastic surgeons advice. The one who did my surgery. My first Dermatologist I saw, said to me this "Everyone in American has Atypical Moles, if you want to take them off, take them off. If you don't then don't. Here is the name of a surgoen, call and make an appointment with him to have them removed. If not, see you in a year".

I was so disgusted after that comment, like he pretty much left the decision to me, I left his office and never gave it a thought.

It was only a few months ago, that my husband was having some skin tags removed from his eyes, and had an appt to see a plastic surgeon. This same surgeon also took some moles off a friend of mines face.

So when my husband went in to get his sking tags off, I made an appt for a consult for my moles. He looked at them, and said that he needed to take at least 5-8 off, and take the worse ones. This was done 6 weeks ago.

Only one came back with "Appears to be architectual features of Dysplastic Nevi".

With that statement, he said that I should have at least 5 -8 more off my upper back. So I did.

This time all of them came back with "Features of mild dysplatic nevi. The Lesion appears to be completely excised"

I have an appt with the surgeon next Tuesday to see EXACTLY how many moles he wants to take off. See what he says.

So, in taking your advice, I have made an appointment on June 22nd with
another dermatologist
and they want me to bring my Path report, and he will do a thorough skin check. Then I can tell him what the surgeon said, and compare to what this new Derm will tell me.

Thank you for the advice


05-27-2009, 07:13 AM
Well........this is a decision you will have to make. A 2nd opinion may be in order. What State do you live in?

Now that I am being bombarded with Skin cancers I DO want mine off. I started about 4 years ago having my GP remove a few moles once a month. Also anything suspicious or new. I had a few strange things show up like a Stucco Kerritosis usually seen in elderly men LOL!!!! Mostly Nevus. But now with my Squamous cell and basal cells I am being more proactive. I will say my Brother's melanoma was a mole he had his entire life. His MD insisted on taking it off and it was a good thing he did. But everyone is different.

I am in the process of asking to have most of mine removed. Since I have had 4 skin cancers show up since Jan......No one in my Father's family had any skin cancers until him...it does not have to be genetic, it can be due to sun, tar, radiation, pesticides, solvents, and arsenic exposures...They think ours is linked to Arsenic exposure from water in Southern California.

I wish I could make the decision for you or help you more. Get a second opinion if necessary to make you sure about whatever decision you make.


05-27-2009, 07:31 AM

I live in Massachusetts. So not a lot of sun here. But no matter, I spent my share of time at the Beach as a kid and as an adult.........LOL.

I know usually better safe then sorry. That has been my motto. But I do think a second opinion from a Dermatologist is in order, since all of this is coming from a Plastic Surgeon. The Derm will look at my path report and I will see what he says.

If he tells me to do the wait and see type thing, I may end up just taking them off. Then I am not worried about it. Once it is gone, it is gone.

You have been through ALOT. I know I am tired of being a pin cushion. Those needles are not fun at all!!

Thanks for the advice. If you have any more for me please share!!