View Full Version : Mosquito Bites

06-12-2009, 06:48 PM
Six days ago I went to an outdoor party which lasted into the night. About 24 hours later, I realized I had about 35 very swollen, red mosquito bites on my feet, ankles and lower legs. (They didn't appear for about 24 hours!) That in itself seemed wierd - I though mosquito bites popped up more immediately. Anyway, 35 bites is a LOT OF BITES! I was SO ITCHY! I looked online and tried the "Hot Spoon" remedy (you dip a spoon in a cup of HOT water and hold the back of the spoon on the bite). It immediately feels intensely itchy but when you take the spoon away, the itch is basically gone. So now, 6 days later, I'm not itching too much at all and the bites have gotten a lot smaller but they are still VERY RED. It looks terrible. How long do you think they last? Do they last longer when you get older? (I'm 56). Anything I can do to get rid of the redness? I wonder if the hot spoon made them more red (I didn't burn myself). HELP Please!