View Full Version : never felt GERD til I started meds & voice problems-how long till voice normal again?

06-19-2009, 03:39 PM
I started getting husky about 6 weeks ago. Thought it was allergy but when it didn't stop I saw an ENT 2 weeks ago. He said, yes there is some problems from allergy and to do a neti pot and also allergy nasel spray but also that I had acid reflux. What is odd about this is I do not drink coffee/tea/alcohol and I'm a vegetarian. So I'm not a meat eater which is said to not be good for this. I have slept elevated for years to prevent eye puffiness. So I'm wondering if I have a hernia causing this. I HAD no signs of this till the ENT told me it was a problem other than the huskiness.

Note my profession is as a singer. (I'm on performance leave now for 3 months till I sort this) I've started meds,pantoprazole to take 30 mins before meals and the nose spray. It's 10 days now on this and my voice is STILL HUSKY - I've just done 4 days of total voice rest to try and speed things along. But still no change.

Also since I started the MEDS for the 1st time I'm actually starting to feel SYMPTOMS of GERD. Burning, Burping etc...

One more thing. I see contradicting info on what is good to eat and what isn't as far as 'mint' and 'pineapple' and a few other things. Where can you find ACCURATE info online? As a vegetarian I don't know what veggies are safe and what isn't. All my grains are 'whole' not white. And I don't use sugar but for agave. OH And I drink Almond and Hemp milks and only low fat cheese. What more can I change that hasn't already been my lifestyle to get my voice back? THANKS ALL!!!

06-19-2009, 09:59 PM
I feel for ya! I am a singer/songwriter myself and this REALLY effects my voice. I am suppose to go to Nashville later this summer to do vocals for my upcoming Christmas CD and if I don't get this under control I won't be doing those vocals yet. My voice gets raspy and husky too. The mucus really wrecks things.

There are some food lists if you google "foods to eat for acid reflux" I printed some things off for my fridge. The good and bad list. I have heard that sometimes singers and speakers get hit with LPR because our throats are susceptable because we use them alot. Not sure if that is true, but seems like it.

Hang in there and baby yourself. I have to take meds too and food enzymes.

06-19-2009, 11:15 PM
I've got LPR. My reflux is "silent" with a chronic cough. No heartburn. I've been on every PPI out there. I only had side effects with one. On that one, I had bad heartburn, nausea, bloating, diarrhea, etc... If the one you are on gives you side effects, others may not.

From what I've read, and from experience, Protonix can be good for GERD, but isn't typically as effective for the LPR as some of the others. Everyone is different though. Also, LPR typically needs the twice per day dosage of PPI's to be effective. Many with LPR also often supplement with Zantac or Gaviscon.

It sounds like you are doing many things right.

Here is the food list my doctor gave me of things to avoid: fatty, greasy or fried foods (french fries, fast food, donuts, potato chips, etc...); spicy foods (onions, peppers and tomato based products); caffeine drinks (coffee, tea, colas); citrus foods and drinks (including orange, grapefruit, pineapple); chocolate; alcohol and nocotine.

With regards to foods that are good for reflux, I think that is really an individual thing. Some people can't tolerate water, it is one of two things I usually drink (water and soy or almond milk). Some people eat bananas a lot and I they give me bad reflux. I have to avoid gassy foods (broccoli, cabbage, etc...). I don't have any good advice on what to eat.