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06-22-2009, 10:00 AM
hi i'm new. i have been battling squamous cell for fifteen years. i get checked every 3 months have biopsy's and freezing. i have had it so long i get very depressed. i no sooner heal and it's time to start over. is their a place to talk to others?::(

06-23-2009, 05:50 AM
Hell Irish Hobbit,

I have had 2 SCC and 1 Basal cell. My Father had a ton of skin cancers including 6 melanomas. My brother has had one melanoma so far. I have a long road ahead of me and like you have to be checked every 4 weeks by Derm and every 3 months now by Gyne Onc due to one SCC was genital. I am HPV Negative and it was a true skin cancer.

I am being told my skin cancers are from Arsenic exposure in water or tar or pesticides as a child...... they are saying not genetic but enviormental. I am also 3/4 Irish and grew up in Southern California on the beach so too much sun. I have Bowen's disease, Squamous Cell and now Basal Cell.

I have been told to take Vit D up to 5000 units a day for cancer prevention. Eat a diet low in sugar. I also use some alternative treatments. I take Essiac tea, use Baking soda on my skin on areas of concern. I make sure I take plenty of Calcium and Magnesium. I am starting on some Chlorella this week.

It is easy to get depressed when these keep popping up on you. Also all the Doctor visits.

I believe there is a test you can get to see is you have the SCC Antigen or some genetic test. I go to MD Anderson Cancer Center for treatment so I am checking into it.

Where are you SCC's? Oleander