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06-26-2009, 11:47 AM
I have had Gerd since pregnancy (13 years now). I have an IMMENSE fear of surgical procedures...and my gastro wanted me to do a EGD to check my esophagus to make sure the reflux isnt causing Barretts, etc.
Well my primary dr got me a referral for the ESO pill cam. Non-invasive and my results were grade 2 esophagitis, hiatal hernia, no barretts. My confustion is I went to my gastroenterologist today for a follow up from the pill cam procedure and he just kind of disregarded the test as garbage. He wants me to do a "real" egd in a month. I asked him why and he said the pill cant take biopsies and isnt as thourough. I completely understand that, I did before I did the pill cam. Since my results showed only grade 2 esophagitis (which he called ulcers) and is a mild stage (1-5,with 5 being the worst, mine being a 2), and no other problems. Why is it not enough. I could see if I had a bigger problem, but why would you biopsy a small linear erosion grade2?
Every person leaving that office was setting up EGD's when I was there. Is it really necessary since I just had a pill cam? I also upped my prevacid to twice a day and he said to cut it back to one in a month.......Im confused, have erosions and I was on prevacid once a day. He said take it in the am before meals...I was taking one a day before dinner, or with dinner.
Any advice would be appreciated. I was feeling so great before this appt...
felt like I got the info that proved I had Gerd, and was taking proactive measures by taking the twice daily prevacid. Now I feel like Im being forced to take a test that I am petrified to take ( I know its not a big deal, but this is just me). And I hate not knowing who to trust....the pill cam gastroenterologist from UCLA who said it was super mild and looked good, or my regular gastroenterologist who says the pill sucks.
Thanks for any advice

06-26-2009, 12:52 PM
hmm.. this doc sounds a bit suspicious. Don't get a test you feel you don't need. Maybe take the test results to a different doctor to get another opinion. I've never had the pill so I can't compare or tell you yes or no to getting the other procedure.
As for when to take the pill, you can take it before dinner as well. My doctor told me to take it to closer when my acid reflux gets the worst, which for me is when I sleep, so I take my pill before dinner.