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06-27-2009, 02:38 AM
Hi. I have been having digestive upsets for about a year but in the past few weeks they have gotten progressively worse. I had an appointment made for an endoscopy that was to be in a couple of months time, because my dr suspects an ulcer, based on a range of other symptoms. However, I have never had anything like this before.
I had some nexium left over from last time I had a burning in my stomach , so when I started feeling that same pain last week, I began taking them again. (This was last saturday).
On tuesday I developed a nasty cough and assuming it was left over from the flu I have also been battling, I just kept treating it with cough syrup and lemon juice.
By wednesday morning, I had a terrible pain in my back and my chest. My throat was also really sore. By that night I had burning all up my throat and have since been struggling to breath and have constant acid in my throat and nose. I also have heaps of mucus and am coughing so bad, my head hurts.
Have been back to the doctor and he arranged for my endoscopy to be done next week.
I have faithfully followed advice given by GERD websites, such as elevated bed, small meals(very bland), no dairy (apart from low fat milk on cereal) etc and nothing is working.
I am currently on 40mg Nexium, gaviscon, motilium, and zantac. My symptoms are worse today then four days ago and I feel there is no relief in sight.
I am supposed to have stopped all the meds for the endoscopy on tuesday but have been too scared to, for although I am finding the reflux is unbearable, I do have a couple of hours here and there where it is tolerable.

For those that have experienced this, how long before the medication worked? Is there any else I can do to help relieve my symptoms as tomorrow I will stop all medication.
Is there any foods that you were able to have that didn't set it off?

Thanks for reading this far, I feel like I have written an essay.

06-27-2009, 09:52 AM
Hang in there Nic! I am so sorry you are having to deal with this. Just take it day by day. I have been dealing with this too. It took me about 2 weeks on Prevacid now to find some kind of relief. It scared me too because I have had so much mucus and it was effecting my breathing alot. But now I have a whole new set of problems from taking that med I got constipated and am dealing with a hemm and soreness in the bum area. It is excrutiating. I just can't win. It makes me mad!

I hope you can just hang in there and try not to panic. I know its hard not too. Try to do some relaxation things. You will be ok. Keep us posted. Good luck.

06-29-2009, 06:47 PM
My guess is that taking the lemon juice may have kicked your acid levels up. I was never told to stop my meds before my endo's. Are you having a straight endo or a PH test? I don't know why you would have to stop it before an endo but can understand if they are doing a PH test, also, where they test the acid balance. I sympathize with both of you are I am going thru a really bad time right now with mucous, gas, burping, and the whole nine yards. My throat is sore from all the clearing of my throat and acid reflux.

06-30-2009, 01:49 AM
Hi. Thankyou for both your replies.
My endoscopy showed everything was normal. Dr said I have reflux and the fact I have had it so severly, is an indication I will probably always have it and will just have to learn to manage it. :(
He said to take nexium twice a day and change my diet.
The thing is, I am barely eating at the moment. I have this cough now, that starts up within 5 minutes of eating or drinking and it gts so bad, I dry retch. I also feel like I have pulled something in my back and chest from the hacking.

Right now I am mad! I am 34 and I don't want this for the rest of my life!
I am so sorry for all of you out there who have had this for so long, I never realised how awful and consuming reflux could be.

I am going to try going to a chiropractor. Has anyone tried this? Did it work?

06-30-2009, 02:14 PM
Hi nic! Glad you got your endoscopy done. I am glad that it came back as basic reflux, which is bad enough in itself to deal with. I think Chiropractic care can do nothing but help! Give it a try! I go. I just do anything and everything to make my body function better. I am trying the eating well, (some days are better than others) working out, Chiropractic care, counseling for my stress... you name it! Hang in there! You will get better ok.

07-05-2009, 06:27 PM
Hi Nic....I feel for you because that's how frustrated I feel.I had heartburn once in a while and pain in between my shoulder blades and all of a sudden the pain started creeping up my throat. I have constant burning in the back of my throat even though I put myself on a bland diet in early May. Five weeks ago I went to an ENT who said I had AR and put me on Nexium. He said this would take Nexium 6-8 weeks to heal my throat. I;m getting so depressed because I don't even feel a little releif. In fact sometimes it feels worse after I thought I may be turning a corner.
If anyone has these symptoms please share any way to help this or encourage anyway that we just have to be patient. It's hard.
Thanks in advance.

07-06-2009, 04:33 PM
My allergist told me when you have acid reflux or gerd and you have colds or allergies - your muscus from your nose will drain to your throat and you swallow it so your stomach will start to produce a muscus. So the muscus from your stomach will go up your throat and then you have drainage from your nose and it almost feels like your chest is congested because each side is pushing up and down. It is a vicious mess. I experienced it during pollen season and thought I was going to die because both mucuses made my stomach sick. Try saline wash and see if you can join a yoga class for beginners. Try relaxing or meditation. When we tend to concentrate so much on symptoms it can cause stress. I use deepak and it does wonders for stress.

07-06-2009, 06:48 PM
Your stomach produces mucous on its own anyway. If you have ever seen a picure of your stomach inside you will see lots of mucous.

07-06-2009, 07:18 PM
What is deepack?

07-06-2009, 08:48 PM
My father has had a ulcer for years due to aspirins and such. Now since the death of my mother this past march (due to a surgical error at our local hospital, sent her home to die we believe they did after she had ROUTINE gallbladder surgery) he's been sicker only in the last two months and it has gotten worse. He has burning, radiating stomach pain/upset that goes to his back. He's been to gi docs for years, three years ago wanted to go a uper gi scope and the doc who was going to do it cussed him out before the procedure! so he left. Within the past two weeks he's been to see a gi doc and she prescribed a barium gi NOT small bowel which was what he wanted in the first place due to the radiating in the lower back!
Oh dad's on nexium 40 mg, zegerid packet 40mg(zegerid worked WELL for years), and carafate liquid.
He really can't take anything else right?
He hurts been nothing on stomach or even when food is in stomach. He eats this concoction of baby brussels sprouts with promise active butter and fat free kraft cheese slices all melted together and it soothes his belly - I don't like the way it tastes. He uses No-Salt salt subsitute which is salt free used that for years.
But here is the kicker today of all days today his new gi doc told him to hit the road because his problem is TOO much he's frustrated, as we all are, and we need sugestions.
want to go to get barium gi test but have to drive to christ hospital in cincinnati and its a far drive for us and our car isn't in the best of shape and with mama gone we have less income and i'm disabled as well as my father and i have three other siblings at home as well.
any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. : )

07-06-2009, 11:04 PM
your father needs to be scoped but it is highly unusual for that many doctor to treat a patient that way. Once in a while you get a bad doctor but not like he has gotten. Is it possible that he is argumentative and combative with them? You don't cuss out a patient unless there is a real problem and now you have another doctor that doesn't want to deal with him. I have never had a doctor treat me or anyone I know that way so I think there is something else happening here that he is not telling you. Doctors just don't suddenly start cussing a patient out or tell them to go away. I think your dad may be going thru some emotional problems which may also affect this stomach. perhaps one of the children should go with him the next time. He definetly needs an endoscopy. A barium GI would include the small intestine but seldom is the problem in the small intestine. He needs an endo as this sounds like it is stomach related not bowel related. A CT scan might also help or an upper barium GI.

07-07-2009, 06:14 PM
Thanks for your input. However, I unfortunately was in the room when the gi doc from three years ago cussed my father out. Dad handled it very well though, as he worked in law enforcement for years and knows how to calm a situation down. If it had been me the doc was cussing out, they would of had to call some of dad's former coworkers to escort me off the premises! :dizzy:
I appreciate your concern for my father's mental health as well, but he's one of the calmest persons I know, at least before Mama passed away. Dad also has a very 'booming' voice. He was a DJ for 20+ years before he got out of it due to the cigarette smoke and such. My dad is just a special case I recon. :( I love my father, he's the only parent I have left.
It was a barium gi that the doc from cincy wrote for, but we live 45 miles from Good Samaritan Hospital where it has to be done due to my dad's size, and our minivan isn't the best in this world-1995 plymouth grand voyager with tranny problems.
We are all we got.
Mama made more money than dad does and w/o mama's income we,- well we have it hard-always been working class but able to get by.(no, no life insurance neither, Mama was only 51 and in good health 'cept arthritis)

OH ALSO Dad also has degenerative back disease and had been unfortunately on OC for the last 5 years- don't know if that is what's causing the stomach pain or what-ex:hole in stomach from the OC?

sorry this is so long, but I don't have pc experience and not a lot of time everyday (a newb my brother calls it) and i just NOW got email:p lol:wave:

07-07-2009, 10:34 PM
But what was the reason he cussed him out? I was born and raised in Ohio and still have many friends there some in the medical field and have never heard anything like this happening. There has to be some reason why the doctors are reacting like this. If your Mother made more than your Dad can your Dad get her Social Security instead of his? IF it is a question of insurance perhaps Medicaid would be something that could be checked out. I don't know why a local hospital couldn't do a barium even if a person is obese. What about a CT scan? How large is your father? I am sorry I can't help more. Perhaps you have a relative or friend that can take your Dad. Something needs to be done to find out what is going on. It may be that his size is very much a part of the problem.