View Full Version : i dont know anything about moles so any help would be good!

sh 08
06-29-2009, 10:37 AM
my husband has a few moles on his body that seem normal BUT about 2 weeks ago he noticed one appear on his shoulder and it isnt the same shape as others, is itchy and has a slight white ring around it. Of course he went to the dr right away and is being referred but its 5 weeks away...i am a worry wart,no pun intended, and even though this doesnt sound good is it something to worry about should it not be a "normal" mole? what do they do? is this common? does this mean it is cancer? if it is, does he go through cancer treatment like other kinds of cancer or are moles different, once removed it can just be treated like that? is it something i should be overly concerned about or just something very common with a common treatment/cure? i am very scared!

06-29-2009, 05:54 PM
Anything that is itchy or changed shape needs to be checked. Skin cancers if caught early don't need any treatment other than surgery. You might want to call where he is being referred and ask them to put you on a list where they call you if they have a cancellation so you get in sooner. Call them and ask to get in sooner if possible. It does not hurt to ask. Try to stay calm and positive until you know what it is. Good luck to you. Oleander

07-06-2009, 11:28 AM
I know that 5 weeks sounds like an eternity right now, but I doubt anything life-threatening is going to happen in that time. Worrying doesn't really do much good here.

The mole doesn't sound real good, and the doctor will probably remove it and biopsy it. But there are moles that can look a lot like cancer and just simply be strange looking moles. Then you've done all that worrying for nothing. I would insist it be removed, though.

As far as treatments are concerned, well it really depends. I was stage IB malignant melanoma (like, is there a benign melanoma???), with a depth of .7 mm. The surgeon removed a good chunk of skin, and left me with a fine scar on my knee, and now I have to be extremely careful with my skin and sun exposure. And I have to visit my dermatologist 4 times a year. Lucky me. But I am lucky in so many ways, and if I make it past 15 years melanoma-free, my odds get even better. Advanced melanoma is no picnic, and is just not one of those cancers one wants to get. (Not that anyone wants to get ANY cancer, yannow?)

BUT, you have to keep in mind that melanoma in it's earliest stages is very treatable. (It's important to remember there really is no "cure" so to speak.) And in the earliest stages, the prognosis is actually very good. So, it's important to take this one step at a time and DO NOT JUMP AHEAD! Your first step is to get your husband to a doctor to remove this mole and biopsy it. That might just be the end of it right there. Whatever comes from that, then worry about the next step.

Worrying about the "What ifs" of skin cancer can and will drive you batty. And most of the "What ifs" simply don't happen!

Good luck and keep in touch!