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07-21-2009, 06:32 AM
I am really perplexed but so tired of the whole thing that I feel like giving up with the tests.

I am 41 years old and my problems did not start till after I had my gallbladder removed September 2008. Before the gallbladder was removed all I had was a fatty liver and I was overweight. I went to the er because I had pain under my right rib after I would eat something fatty and then dirreahea. So I couldn't take it anymore and went to the er. They did a sonagram and found lots of stones. So I had it removed. The surgery was a success and I was on a low fat diet and I lost 25 lbs. Two months after the surgery I noticed I couldn't eat certain foods like salad or some raw vegetables because it would make me feel bloated. Still losing weight gradually like 2 lbs a week. So the only thing I would eat is whole wheat bread and healthy food except salads which were my favorite. My immune system was down from the surgery so I was catching colds from my kids like crazy. Usually I fight them off fast. So I kept getting colds which led to walking pneumonia. I was a mess and depressed. I also had panic attacks because I never had walking pneumonia in my life. My doc put me on powerful antibiotics which made my stomach a war zone of nausea. After I became better I became paranoid thinking if I get another cold I will get pneumonia. It was just a nightmare. Then the bad economy hit my husband's company was sold and we were praying that nothing would affect us like losing our house. We survived but we were very nervous. The bills kept coming in the house from everywhere and I was nervous about that. All these adjustments had to be made because of the change of job and my husband had to use our savings which was getting low. So all of this was making me stressed. Then my husband's son wants to live with us and he is 13 years old - no problem but he is going through the teenage stage. So I stressed some more. So I started to have these episodes with my stomach. Like once a month or twice a month. I would get nausea, bloating, and dirreahea, beltching, tightness across my stomach. I went to see my doctor but she kept telling me a virus or your body has to get used to not having a gallbladder.

I kept having these episodes and still went back to see the doctor so she noticed the roof of my mouth was red. That could be acid reflux and you should see a gasterologist?

So I made an appointment to see one. I also made an appointment to see an allergist for my seasonal allergies because they were bad this year and I wanted to know what I was allergic to. I saw both doctors in one week. The allergist told me I was allergic to dogs and I have two dogs and never knew this. I wasn't about to get rid of my dogs but I got very depressed. Then I went to the gasterologist and they said gerd. They increased my prilisec I was taking and told me I needed a endoscopy. I was scared because I didn't want to be put out again. After that I had a stomach episode again. The episodes of nausea, dirreahea were coming more often than once a month.

So I had the endoscopy and they found mild gastritis and small amounts of bile. The doctor told me that wouldn't cause your problems you have. It is mild and nonspecific. My mother has colitis and my brother does too. Her side of the family have weak stomachs. Her colitis will really bother her if she is worried.

Then I had a MRCP xray to check for stones that may be left behind and that came out negative. I have a complete checkup and blood profile. My liver is fine, my pancreas was checked, hployria negative. The only test left is a colonoscopy which I scheduled because the doctor thought I might have colitis.

I have tried a food diary and I can't find a food that triggers the nausea, dirreahea. I will eat the same thing everyday and then one day it will bother and another day it won't.

So this is what I know:

The episodes come often now and maybe it is stress from all the tests.

Can't find out the food that triggers it.

I notice when I take a walk I will have pain under my right rib where my gallbladder used to be and then diarrhea.

If I sit too long I will have pain under my right rib

The nausea comes out of no where and then I have to take a nausea pill plus my anxiety med.

Do you think this is mental or physical? I know the stress made it come more often because that is all I think about. So now I have lost 45 lbs because I don't eat much - I am afraid of the nausea attack or I will get diarrehea. I need to lose about 100 lbs. Has this happen to anyone with anxiety or panic. No doctor can tell me what is wrong with me. :dizzy:

07-21-2009, 12:27 PM
This sounds like how mine started. I had an ulcer last year and now have gastritis. I had gb removed Aug 06. That is when my symptoms started. I now have erosive gastritis. Not sure why, I don't even take tylenol. Dr thought maybe Nexium was causing it so he changed me to Kapidex 2 weeks ago. I had bile in my stomach on first EGD. I think bile reflux is my problem, dr doesn't comment on that when I ask. I am not under any unusual stress. I think it's all from gb being removed. Good Luck it's been a long road for me and I have not reached the end yet. I am starting some digestive enzymes to see if it helps. I have been using Papaya enzymes for a short while also after I eat. It does seem to help.

07-21-2009, 02:21 PM
Have you had every test? Do you think you have sphinter of oddi dysfunction? I just wish I knew what disease I have? He didn't say I had gastritis. Did you get depressed and how do you cope?

07-21-2009, 07:07 PM
Gigi...It sounds like you've got lots of issues here and I can bet my life on it that your stress and worry is making your symtoms snowball. I think it will keep rolling and getting bigger until you get your meds for anxiety and depression in order, Most of us can't fathom what nerves and stress can do . I can. You get out of control with all these tests and there;s nothing really wrong exceept the nerves are shot. These will mellow out and get back on track when you see a Dr. that can perscribe these that are right for you. I am so glad I sought help. Stress acually brought on my acid reflux and it all started to get better when I could finaly sleep and not take everything to heart. I'm not anxious about the acid reflux anymore and it has gotten so much better. I am calm, where before every little pain and poke put me through the roof. Any questions? Asked any time and please try to relaa.y ou will be fine.

07-21-2009, 08:25 PM
Stress has nearly killed me this past year. It's amazing what it can do to your health. I was fine until our house payments became unafordable last year. We are now losing our home and it was our dream home. We move out the end of Sept. A year ago I developed acid reflux and many other ailments. Alot of sleepless nights...many symptoms. I have actually been better this past week because we have closure on our situation and know for sure that we are moving. I just can't live like this. The ecomony is bad and we can't keep up. I am stressed because my husband of 3 years has bad kids and one moved back in with us and she is a troubled 16 year old. Her behavior has effected our marriage and been apart of my health issues. She has been a runaway part of this summer and now she wants to come and live here and bring her vagabond friends around. You get this picture. I will be getting a place of my own in 2 months. I need to save myself.

So Gigi I think stress has alot to do with all the mystery ailments. I have had the worst reflux and weird aches and pains for months. When I found out I was moving out in a couple months last week I honestly haven't felt this good in a couple of years. I hope I don't sound bad for saying that.

07-22-2009, 02:09 PM
Gosh, I was feeling better Monday and Tuesday - I exercised and ate very well. Today I woke up feeling good then around 11:00 I had cramps and rushed to the bathroom. Then my stomach felt sore for the rest of the day. My thoughts go raising "what if I am this way for the rest of my life?" "how miserable" they keep spiraling. Then I can't eat with my family because my stomach is so sore. The cramps came out of no where. Then you get depressed. I know this is physical - I think it has to do with bile in the stomach but the gasterologist doesn't want to test that. So I am having a colonoscopy.

07-22-2009, 10:24 PM
When are you doing the colonoscopy gigi? Let me know, I want to know how it goes and I will pray for you too. I haven't had that done yet.