View Full Version : tell me if I should shave my head or not!

08-10-2009, 10:04 AM
okay so after dying multiple times, using a bunch of different products, washing excessively, and etc my hair is damaged terribly. it's frizzy and unmanagable most of the time. i can't even get the horrible red dye out without damaging it even further. another problem i have is that it takes a while to grow because it's so damaged and dry, while before i did all this it grew pretty quickly.

i was thinking about shaving my head, like natalie portman style, and of course wearing a wig until it grew back atleast into a bobcut length.

but i have a couple of questions. if i do this, when my hair grows back will it be like my hair was when i was a child before i did all the stuff to it? my hair was long, thick, soft, and a beautiful colour with natural highlights.

and also, about how long will it take for my hair to actually get into the bobcut length if i keep myself healthy and my new hair healthy?

lastly, do you think it will be worth it?! i'd appreciate all of opinions i could get.

08-10-2009, 03:53 PM
I wouldn't go as far as to shave my head. When my hair was really bad, I cut it really short like, a fraction below my ears. I think that when you don't have such long hair than the nutrients from your body can renew your hair easier because it's so much shorter. I would give that a try before going all the way to being bald. But that is just me. I could never intentionally have a bald head.

I believe it may take about 8 or 9 months for your hair to be bob length, but that is a total guess. It's taken about one year for my hair to grow 7 or 8 inches since cutting it really short.

Also, I use Tresemme shampoo and conditioner for dry/damaged hair and it makes my hair really nice. It just works for me.
Hope this helps ;)

09-06-2009, 09:27 AM
1. Your hair grows 1/2" per month. Period. If your hair is wavy it feels like it doesn't grow that much. If it's straight it looks like it grows faster.

2. As soon as your hair comes out of your scalp it's dead. That's why it's so important to take care of it to keep that hair shaft from being damaged. Once it's damaged, it's damaged. You can hide it with some products, but you can't permanently fix it. The commercials that say they can repair damaged hair? They're putting a coating on it. You can't repair something that's already dead.

3. Never EVER double process your hair. As in perming and coloring. One or the other, not both. Especially if you go blonde. Blonde is a killer on your hair. It strips your color and dries it out. Damage, damage, damage.

Go to your salon. Talk to your hairdresser. Cut off as much of the mess as you can. And no, your regrowth won't be like it was when you were a child.

Now, if your hair is lighter than your normal hair there are temporary and semi-permanent colors you can put on to match your natural hair regrowth if your colored hair is lighter. The temporary washes out as soon as you shampoo your hair. The semi permanent will last a couple weeks. It gradually fades out. Or like you said, shave it all off and buy a wig. lol

09-22-2009, 06:40 AM
I don't think you have to go to that extreme, how about just having an inch cut off your hair every 3 weeks or something? You will get a short hair style, but it won't be too radical and you will gradually be getting rid of the damamged parts without having to bald yourself