View Full Version : Hi, my son has a concerning mole

09-26-2009, 06:20 PM
Hi, I found this forum by chance. I have an 8 year old son that has had a smaller sized dark mole since birth right behind his ear in his hairline. It's not seen often due to his hair. I check it every time he gets his hair cut but happened to check it the other day. His pediactric dr is also aware of it and has checked it from time to time but says it was nothing to worry about. It has grown beyond the pencil eraser size. It's almost 2 erasers now. It was slightly smaller then the eraser size just a couple months ago. It is also raised and 2 shades of brown. It's still oval but hard to see the definition amongst his hair. I am highly concerned about this mole. Not an inch or two from it, 2 other dark spots have appeared that he did not have before. He is olive complected but has over 100 dark moles on his little body. More seem to pop up daily! I was so concerned about this mole, I made a dr appt on Mon. Do I have a reason to be concerned or am I over reacting to this? I am trying not to worry but his lymph node right below his ear on the same side is also large compared to the other side. When I spoke with the Dr's office, they were also concerned which didn't make me feel any better. Thank you for reading this

09-27-2009, 06:35 PM
You should take your child to a dermtologist, they are skilled at looking at those and know what to look for, don't take chances, seek a knowledgable person and have your son seen yearly, trust me, I waited too long and am now paying the price.

A dermatologist knows the differance between good and bad, find a reputable one and make an appointment, the cost is minimal, but don't delay.