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10-08-2009, 01:15 PM
I put "moles" in quotes because my doctor has called them other things...

Mole #1: Maybe 10 years ago I developed a light-colored (like a pinky-brown color) oval-shaped mole under my arm on the side of my body (it's on my side, about 3 inches behind where my breast and body meet -- bra strap lays right over it). It was about the size of a pencil eraser. I had the doctor look at it and he called it rosatia and said it was nothing to worry about.

Mole #2: A few years ago, I developed a small round brown spot on the front of my body under my left breast... smaller than pencil eraser. Had doctor look at it. It is occasionally itchy. He said it was nothing to worry about.

Mole #2 was bothering me more about 6 months ago, and I had the doctor look at it again (while I was there for something else). He looked pretty closely and called it an "Auxiliary Nipple" (I know, it sounds a bit gross). He said it was nothing to worry about.

Okay, so Mole #1 has grown over the years. Doctor always says it's nothing to worry about. In the last few weeks, it's suddenly VERY itchy and scaley. I normally have problems this time of year with dry skin, but the mole also appears to have changed. It has definitely grown since it first appeared 10 years ago (it's probably 3-times the size now). It's still Oval-ish in shape, and I wouldn't exactly call it "irregular" but the edges don't appear as clean as they used to be. In the last few weeks it's "puffier", has a scabby or scaley feel, and itches several times throughout the day. It is also no longer pinky-brown... it now looks more like freckle-colored brown.

I *do* have an appointment scheduled with a dermatologist for November 4th (the soonest they could get me in).

I'm 39. I smoke (yes, I know it's bad, but lets not harp on that for now).
I was recently diagnosed by a rheumatologist with fibromyalgia.
No skin-cancer in my family that I'm aware of... though there are other cancers (cervical, breast). My mother and maternal grandmother were always plagued with moles and my mom had one removed (not for being cancerous) a few years back.
I'm fair-to-medium skinned (a lot of people think I'm italian because of my dark hair and dark eyes). I was a bit of a tanner in my teen years, but for the last ten I'm more likely to use fake spray tan and a good sunblock. I *always* have sunblock on my face, year-round and my makeup has sunblock in it as well.

How worried should I be?
Should I push the dermatology office to try to get me in earlier if possible?


10-18-2009, 01:46 PM
I think I'd change doctors. Any time there is a change in a mole, it should be really checked out. I wouldn't settle for "nothing to worry about" as per your doctor. Just my humble opinion. :)

As for pushing for a quicker appointment, that's up to you but I'd feel OK about a Nov 4 appointment.

Please let us know how you make out.

Blessings, Annie

10-19-2009, 09:53 AM
I think you are okay with the November 4 appointment. Sometimes getting in to see a dermatologist is not always the easiest thing to do!

However, I would definitely push to have the moles removed and biopsied. Don't think you cannot do this! A lot of people will bring moles to the attention of a doctor, only to be told that "it's not something to worry about," or to "keep watching it." If you feel the mole has changed and are uncomfortable, you have the right to have it removed. State your case to the doctor simply: you feel the mole is changing size/shape, it's becoming itchy, and it's puffing up. That's bothering you, it's your body, and you really feel this isn't right. You want it removed. It very well might not be anything at all, but you deserve to know that.

I've had 3 moles removed that doctors said were "nothing," and they were correct. But I'm glad they are gone. On the other hand, I've known people who had moles they were suspicious of, had doctors tell them not to worry, and by the time they finally found a doctor who agreed to remove the mole, they were diagnosed with stage III or stage IV melanoma. It's your body, only you know it as well as you do. If want this removed, tell your doctor you want it removed.

Good luck!