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10-16-2009, 03:24 PM
My husband is a veteran of the Afghan war. When he returned home he was prescribed pain killers for his back and knees, which he ended up becoming addicted to. Not so shocking..., but a year later he finished his contract and we moved home. As soon as we got here his problem worsened because a newer stronger pain killer was introduced to him by hi so-called

10-16-2009, 11:39 PM
I was in a car wreck and the Dr., a neurosurgeon, got me hooked on opiates. I didn't even drink. But, if you've got insurance, let me tell you what saved me...Suboxone. I began in 2004, and it's a God-send. You go through NO withdrawls, it kills the cravings, is a (mild) painkiller, you can't overdose on it b/c it has a built in sabotage medicine too, and you melt it under your tongue, so the liver is not affected. It saved my life. The w/d's on hydros drove me to 2 suicide attempts. Plus, even if the person tries to take opiates while on it, it makes them useless. It's a miracle drug. I have to drive 2 hrs. every month to get it, but it's worth it. Get the 8/2. It's very expensive, but look it up, and it's worth it. I think it's cruel to make ppl go through withdrawls, when we have this 21st century medicine to prevent the horror. And, it will kill the cravings. God bless ya'll, esp. for what your family has done for our country. I had to write. No one should have to suffer, esp. after the sacrifices you've made. Jam

10-17-2009, 12:08 PM
First off, your husband has to want to stop. Once he realizes he has a problem, then there are a slew of things he can do. Tapering down and off the pills is one, suboxone is another route, but requires tapering off as well, checking into a detox center which is very expensive, and of course the nastiest route of all, going cold turkey.

As jamjam said, suboxone is probably the smoothest way to get off of the opiates, but it requires a tapering off after a month or two on it. It is probably the easiest way and hopefully your insurance will cover it.

Just tapering off of the opiates is another way and simply take 10-20% less every couple of days or each week until he's down to taking about 1-2 mg a day and jump off. The w/d's are usually mild.

What does your husband want to do? Has he made a decision?