View Full Version : I want my hair White can anybody help me?

03-02-2010, 12:22 PM
Hello over the past week or so I have been bleaching my hair so it is a very light blonde. I want to go White and was adv t put a toner on to cancel out the yellow. I have been looking all over the Internet and on all the pages it says that to cancel out the blonde I need to use a violet toner. However I went into sally's salon services in Newcastle upon tyne in the uk. And she give me a loreal p01 blue toner. Now I want White. So has this woman given me the wrong toner? Because the oposite to yellow is violet and the oposite to blue is orange. My hair isn't orange. It's like blonde bleaches about 3-4 times.

04-11-2010, 09:59 PM
try shimmering silver shampoo at sallys. will tone all yellow/gold out. also go to a professional. i have beautilful platinum blonde hair for years now that is not dry damaged or anything from going to a salon...

04-26-2010, 06:14 AM
I would be glad to help you. Just follow the steps:
1) Get your hair in the best possible condition by any means e.g. hair masks/deep condition treatments, home remedies etc.
2) Shampoo AND condition your hair, then wait 24 hours.
3) Get your hair as blonde as possible. Use the guide below to identify what you will need to do.
4) Buy a toner. This will neutralize the yellow and make it go white. If you want white hair you need the toner. A lot of the best tonersare semi-permanent, but there is a good L'oreal one you can find at the chemist.
5) If you have chosen a semi-permanent toner such as Manic Panic, buy a toner shampoo/conditioner. Test it by squeezing a little; it should be purple or blue in color, if it is not, don't buy it because it will not deposit color.
6) Do a strand test with the toner to decide how long it will take to deliver the toned shade.
7) Rinse off with a mixture of cold water and vinegar. The vinegar helps the toner color stay longer
8) Condition, condition, condition. Your hair has been dyed multiple times and will be dry.
9) Enjoy your new white hair!