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03-18-2010, 03:13 AM

This question is for these of you who wear fake tan all the time.

I would like to start using fake tan at all times as I love the way it looks (I'm naturally very pale). The thing is, when you keep applying fake tan on top of fake tan, it goes patchy and looks uneven after a while. The only way I can think of that would make an every day fake tan look even, is by building it up for by applying it every couple of days, and then at the end of the week exfoliate it all off, and start building it back up again before exfoliating it off in another weeks time.

So, I am just wondering, is there any better way of keeping a fake tan look even rather than the option I mentioned above?


03-29-2010, 02:06 PM
Hi there! I often like to keep wearing self tanner regularly.... although I JUST ran out, so I lost most of my tan and need to buy more!

What I do is apply my self tanner at night after a shower. I give it enough time to dry before getting dressed and before I go to bed. I can usually notice a difference the next day, but typically I want a bit more color, so I'll apply it again the same way the next day. Doing this 2-3 days in a row gets the color darker, and it doesn't get patchy or uneven unless I shave my legs. I suggest shaving FIRST before applying self tanner. I try to avoid shaving every day because 1)my skin is sensitive and I'll get razor burn and 2)the self tanner comes off too fast.

After I have the color I want, I apply a coat of self tanner about every 3 days or so. I don't need it every day and don't need to try to scrub it all off at all. It fades pretty evenly for me. The only tricky part is the shaving legs. I notice that sometimes when I shave, it exfoliates and leave a little bit of streaking. I try to shave very carefully to avoid this, and I'll exfoliate if I need to. I also like to use a lotion with a bit of shimmer to help camouflage any uneven spots that might occur, and this works because the uneven areas are not bad at all and not too noticeable.

I find that all of this is easiest when I use an airbrush-style taning product. I use Neutrogena Micromist. It's fast to apply and dries quickly. Since it mists, it makes it easy to reach your back and tricky areas. You don't rub it in, another big plus for me. If I use a lotion or gel, I tend to get streaks more easily since it can be a little trickier to apply.

Hope this helps!! It can definitely be a hassle not being able to shave as often when using self tanner, but if I must, then I just spray a bit more on my legs than the rest of me to create an even color. You might have to play around with it a bit at first. I also apply regular lotion FIRST, so my skin is soft and smooth before I apply the spray. I use it on my face as well and it doesn't make me break out.

03-30-2010, 03:48 AM
Hey, thanks for your reply.

What self tanner do you use? Right now, because I was trying to save a bit of money, I am using St Moriz. St Moriz is alright but not as good as the more expensive brands. I think it goes patchy quite quick. It cost me 2.99 lol. I guess for the price though, it's not too bad. I am going to use the rest of my St Moriz until the two bottles that I bought are finished. Then I will move on to my St Tropez bottle, then use my Xen Tan bottle. I am using the more expensive ones over the Summer because obviously people will see my tan more in the Summer so would rather save the good ones until then as they are less patchy.

I absolutely love Xen Tan though, I think it is by far the best self tanner I have tried. It's the dark lotion that I bought.

I have used self tan mist spray before but I always find that my feet end up looking far too dark because when I am spraying the rest of the body, a lot of the mist ends up falling onto my feet. Also, how do you use mist without making the bottom of your feet bright orange? I always had this problem with spray tan, because when I stand in the bath and apply it a lot of it ends up on the surface of the bath which of course gets onto the bottom of my feet.

I am the exact same with shaving. My skin is sensitive after shaving and gets itchy and dry. After shaving I always need to apply quite a thick layer of moisturiser. Waxing is much better but I can't really afford to get waxes all the time right now.

My skin seems to need exfoliated quite often. Usually once a week is about right for my skin. I guess I could exfoliate then apply the tan after coming out of the shower. Only problem with this is my skin being sensitive, I don't know how my skin would react to the tan lotion after being exfoliated. I tried exfoliating gently a few days ago, but when I applied the tan and washed it off the next morning, it looked as though I still needed to exfoliate, so I may need to just exfoliate a bit more roughly. Although, as I mentioned earlier, it could just be the cheap tanning mousse I am using just now.