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03-25-2010, 11:18 AM
So much information out there about Sunscreens! Personally
I would appreciate the suggestions of others. I have very
sensitive facial skin .........always have had and always will.

Can the ladies recommend types of sunscreens that
they feel confident would NOT cause skin irritations on
my face and make my eyes water and burn.

I also have roscea but have that basically under control with
my general products...makeup/cleansers and all that other stuff.

I don't think we can mention brand names on the threads right?
But if we can... may I have some specific names and references
of some quality sunscreens?

I live in Washington State; I burn easy even when being cautious
and I have had sun stroke two times in my life when I was much
younger due to falling asleep in the hot sun for a lengthy time.

I so much look forward to hearing from the members if they are
interested in replying and have time.

p.s. I am very careful with the sun....wear a visor and spend
quality time in the shade BUT at times of course have to be out
in the direct sun. It is not summer yet but It's coming soon.



03-25-2010, 01:41 PM
Sunscreen active ingredients come in two basic types:

* Physical blocking agents: titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.

* Chemical absorbers: most others including oxybenzone, homosalate, octyl methylcinnamate, avobenzone (Parsol 1789), ecamsule (Mexoryl).

Note that not all of the chemical absorbers have good protection against UVA wavelengths, as opposed to UVB wavelengths. Avobenzone, ecamsule, and the physical blocking agents are the most effective against UVA wavelengths (sunscreens with avobenzone or ecamsule have other chemical blockers to absorb UVB).

Some people are concerned about the effects of the chemical absorbers on the skin, though others are concerned about the effects of nanoparticles of the physical blocking agents. If chemical absorbers bother you, consider a sunscreen using physical blocking agents and vice-versa.

Of course, another way of getting "sunscreen" is to cover up. Conservatively dressed women in Afghanistan are unlikely to get sunburned, for example.

Remember that UVB exposure (in amounts smaller than what it takes to sunburn) causes your skin to generate vitamin D. If you avoid all UVB exposure, make sure that you get sufficient vitamin D from your diet (e.g. fatty fish, egg yolks, and fortified foods) or supplements.

03-27-2010, 08:52 AM
Zinc oxide for those areas that seem to absorb sun no matter what! Like the nose, tops of shoulders--and quite safely too. Some are tinted for skin.

Wear a hat. Nice wide brim.

Stay in during the hours the sun is strongest for your area.

Cover unexposed skin as best as possible to prevent burn.

Do not get a burn. Not only can burns early in life be a good reason for skin cancer a few years later, but you would NOT BELIEVE the other damages to the skin. Early wrinkling, crepey old lady looking skin with a ton of spots and lesions and just yukky. I know. I was once the sun worshipper. I have the nastiest of skins today because of it and spend TONS of money trying to fix as much as possible.

No amount of time in the sun is worth the damage I am dealing with today.

My foundation/powder has spf in them. But I do the above and am not in the sun. I had melanoma removed in 1988. :)

03-27-2010, 10:44 AM
Hello StaryGal,

Thanks for your post. Like yourself I am glad I am not a sun worshiper
any more either. Plus I am too darned old to be one anyway.*smiles*
Boy are you right though about the skin damage years later. I am 56
years old today and have learned alot that I would not repeat to do
with the sun and all.

Oddly though StaryGal I have not so good reactions to makesups and
sunscreens that include the SPF's. Weird huh?

Ok being that you have some damaged skin from those years ago...
please share with me what products you use maybe? I have my
products handeled pretty well but am always up for new ones.
I cannot handle fragrances in my products....thus my continuing
journey for a perfect sunscreen that won't irriatate my skin. Maybe
at this stage of things there isn't one?

Have a nice day....


03-27-2010, 10:50 AM
Hello Tjlhb,

I do think as you suggested that the chemical absorbers are my
challenges in finding the right sunscreen. Also I just bought some
fish (salmon) cause I am allergic to shell fishs but took your advice
there. To include it more in my diet if not out in the sun much.

Say for example even when I am covered up from head to toe
some part of my face is still exposed. Even say walking into Fred
Meyers in the summer when it is hot can leave me looking like I
have been out in direct sun for hours. Real red and flared up.
Well it's my roscea too I know.

I will consider other sunscreens as you suggested and if anyone
has any brand names or specifics to share I welcome you within
the bounderies of the forum rules and etc.

Thanks for your post,


03-27-2010, 03:23 PM
StarryGal..Glad your melanoma spot was removed. Can you tell me a liitle
about the procedure and how it was done?



03-28-2010, 07:01 AM
I cannot handle fragrances in my products....thus my continuing
journey for a perfect sunscreen that won't irriatate my skin. Maybe
at this stage of things there isn't one? I am not sure if I am allowed
to actually post brand name/commercial items on this forum? Neutrogena has a good product for sensitive skins reasonably priced and LaRoche-Posay has some as well going up to 60 SPF in Sunscreen Milks for redness prone skins priced around $35.
(Or you could possibly try a child's product in a higher number. Make sure it claims that it is fragrance free. ) Each person's tolerance is different and you never know what will cause a flare up - possibly ask your derm for suggestions as well.

As for the melanoma, I went into see a plastic surgeon mainly for cosmetic reasons and inquired about a mole on my leg and my "beauty mark" on my arm. He looked closely at both and replied the one on my leg will stay, the one on the arm will go.
He removed the lesion along with a small diameter of tissue and said he will send it in to get results. I received the dreaded call to come to his office where he informed me it was a superficial spreading malignant melanoma. I was in shock. Earlier that month I had met a woman at a family function who recently lost her 35 year old brother to melanoma that was on his back. She showed me pictures of the many many surgeries that were done to him to try to save him. I want to say that when they first found it it was already Stage IV.
I was panicked and willing to hack off the entire arm!! The doc claimed a wide excision will be necessary to discover if the cells had migrated elsewhere and off to surgery I went.
The donor site of skin for the graft was the upper thigh. OUCH. The entire area of skin/fat was removed from my upper arm down the muscle in a very wide circle. The new skin was sutured on and I was sent home after a couple days to heal.

I then took my original biopsy slides to a teaching hospital *where my plastic surgeon served his internship! and was told the protocol for my type of cancer was no longer a WIDE excision. They got it all the first time *with the tiny little incision - YIKES. NOOOOO!!! Oh well. Too late now.
It was over 20 years ago. :)

03-28-2010, 09:28 AM

thank you so much for sharing your story about your melenoma! You have
given me some more to think on and tend to. I have a spot below my eye
that I had frozen off about 20 years ago but it is back.......SO will need to
have it checked very soon. Gosh thank goodness in spite of the long excision
that you caught yours in the nick of time. Wow. p.s. I don't have a derm
doctor where I live now but will be looking for one!

Darned facial skin issues! Ugh. Also thank you for the suggestions on
Sunscreen Products. I've not heard of LoRoche-Posay products but
I sort of live out in the boonies.....small town but I can always go
a little out of the town and check it out at the mall or something.
I take some outdoor walks at the mall anyway so am over there lately.
Childs product....now that is a good suggestion too. Maybe less likely
hood of being so irriatable to my skin and ya for sure no fragrance or
I'll flare up like a red poker!

Have a good day!


03-28-2010, 10:52 PM
There are several models of sunscreens that contain only physical blocking agents (titanium dioxide and/or zinc oxide). If you believe that the chemical absorbers irritate your skin, you may want to consider looking for them. Often, these are marketed as being for "sensitive skin".

Most of the brands that offer sunscreens with physical blockers also offer sunscreens with chemical absorbers. So you really have to look on the back of the bottle at the list of active ingredients to see which have only physical blockers. Even that may not be enough to find a non-irritating sunscreen, since it is possible that some of the non-sunscreen ingredients may be the cause of irritation.