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03-27-2010, 11:03 AM
I have a 5 year old stepdaughter.Within the last year she has had over 30 warts on her body including her genital area...they come and go. She has also had SEVERE discharge with a foul odor for about 6 months. Her mother does not provide the necessary care for this poor child, and refused to take her to the doctor. Her mother has several STDs including HPV. I personally took my stepdaughter to the doc a couple of months ago (She has Medicaid, but her mother refused to give us the insurance card, so I paid in cash to take her to the doctor). The doctor said that she has HPV, and that there is nothing that can really be done until she hits puberty. I, myself have a small toddler that I DO NOT WANT TO CATCH HPV...so my daughter and my stepdaughters time together is limited until I can get more information. Her mother is constanlt involved in drugs and DSS. There has also been a suspision that the 5 year old has been sexually touched (but nothing can be proved..just a "rumor"). Anyway, I am 6 months pregnant as of now, and I went to the doc last week and I was told that I have low and high risk HPV! I have NEVER had an STD in my life, although HPV is common. I have not been around or touched anyone with HPV other than my stepdaughter. The doc said that my husband and I have both been exposed to it. AND, my 2 year old daughter has a possible WART on her! (i read that not all the time do you break out into warts) I AM TERRIFIED THAT MY DAUGHTER HAS THIS! A 2 year old should NOT have HPV!!! my questions are:

1) could I have gotten the HPV from my 5 year old Stepdaughter?

2) now that I have HPV(which I am NOT happy about:mad:), could I pass it on to my own 2 year old daughter, and the through the birth canal of my newborn?

3) How could a 5 year old have gotten this(her mother? sexual abuse? i dont know....help)

4) what can i do to prevent MY daughter from getting HPV? ( i bleach the toilet and bathtub everytime i use it now...and i constantly use hand sanitizier)...but i am terrified i could pass it on to her while changing her diaper or something.

Someone please help or give me more information. It is NOT my stepdaughters fault that she has this...but I refuse to have my 2 yr old around her until i can find more information about this...I am already upset that I have contracted HPV from her. (and by the way, I am tested regularly for this and other STDs...I know that this can lay dormant for years. but how can a 5 yr old catch this):confused:


curly fry
03-27-2010, 11:18 AM
I'm sorry, but I would be more concerned about your stepdaughter's HPV than the likelihood of you getting HPV because genital HPV IS ONLY SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED. You can't get it from a toilet seat, or from sharing foods. It *can* be passed through pregnancy but that can be avoided. A 5 year old with genital warts?! And the doctor didn't call a social worker???

I understand you don't want to get HPV and are concerned about your daughters (rightfully!), right now, I would worry about this poor 5 year old. My heart is breaking for her.

curly fry
03-27-2010, 11:22 AM
HPV is an STI (sexually transmitted infection)

This is the CDC info page

I'm not sure about your age, but if you are concerned for yourself, and don't have HPV (you would know from a pap smear), you can look into the Gardisil vaccine.

03-27-2010, 11:27 AM
Thank you for your advise. I have called social services SEVERAL times on her mother and about the HPV. She has been on probation several times for her actions. I have also taken her medical records (including the HPV ones) to a caseworker and they didnt seem to be that concerned. Her father and I have tried to get custody several times...but nothing comes our way until we take her to court. It is not right that this innocent child has and STD at 5 YEARS OLD. So do you think that she could have gotten this because she has possibly been sexually abused? or caught this from her mother? Thank you once again

03-27-2010, 11:29 AM
I am 21 years old and i was recently tested positive for high and low risk HPV and also ascus cells (I have a colp. next week)

curly fry
03-27-2010, 11:38 AM
I'm really not a professional. Just someone who got really concerned with your post. I was HPV (high risk- precancerous- no warts) 4 years ago. I was losing my mind. #1, I can't believe I can get cancer from sex (although it's so much more than that) and I can't believe I got an sexually transmitted infection!!!! I ask my doctor if there was ANY WAY it wasn't sexual, and she assured me that there is no other way. It was one of those conversations "but what about if..." with an abrupt interruption of "No". HPV is a STI. No other way to put it.

I'm so :mad: that doctors didn't take this seriously. It is possible that she caught it through birth. But from my research, it is unlikely. Have you spoken to your gyno about it? She may be able to give you professional advice and may be able to get the correct people involved.

And also do your own research. Just type in genital warts in your search engine and you'll see that it is STD.

curly fry
03-27-2010, 11:44 AM
I am 21 years old and i was recently tested positive for high and low risk HPV and also ascus cells (I have a colp. next week)

As for yourself, just keep yourself healthy. I was diagnosed with HPV but have managed to fight it off. I guess it's just "dormant" at the moment because doctors don't know if dormant HPV can return years later or not. But definitely don't smoke, eat right, and just take care of your family as best as you can.

03-27-2010, 07:39 PM
i'm in shock by this post. where do u live that the state is not paying attention to serious signs of abuse??? u probably have HPV through ur husband who definitely had sex with his ex wife (they have a child together) so he had it first and passed it on to you. i doubt u got this from ur step daughter, as HPV is an STD. other wise all of us who have HPV would have spread it to everyone we know like family and friends.

my mother had HPV at the time i was born, but i was not diagnosed till i was 24 and i had regular pap tests since i was 16. so i did not get it from my mother, i got it though sex, just like everyone else with HPV.

i understand ur concern for ur child's health, but i would be more concerned with ur step daughter at the moment. wart and hpv in a 5 year old is insane, i have been doing research on hpv for years and NEVER heard of children with hpv. get this child out of that house, she did not get this through a bath tub!!!

by the c-section eliminates all risk of passing it on to the child u are currently pregnant with, or so ive read.

find better doctors, cuz the ones u seem to be going to are not very responsible.

03-27-2010, 07:59 PM
i couldnt agree with you more. I am in North Carolina (Gaston County dss are the ones responsible for lack of attention)...If I'm not misunderstanding anything...the replies that I have gotten are increasing the suspicion that my stepdaughter may in fact have been or is being sexual abused. If anyone has anymore info on HPV please let me know.

03-27-2010, 08:13 PM
mmcmommy: I am very concerned about your post. It's terrible that this girl isn't being taken care of properly, but I think you are overreacting to the HPV.

HPV causes all warts. There are over 100 types of HPV. About 30 types mainly affect the genitals and are considered STDs. I know when I was a kid a had several warts on my hands growing up. I just had them removed. My sister got those flat warts on her face and had to use a cream to treat them. It's common for kids to pick up HPV just like they are more likely to get any virus.

You mention that the mother has HPV, and I'm guessing she was diagnosed through an abnormal pap smear or something. That is very likely a different strain than the one causing warts for your step daughter.

1) could I have gotten the HPV from my 5 year old Stepdaughter?

You definitely could have, but again, that doesn't mean you got an STD from her. You will probably not get warts because you are an adult and have a stronger immune system. Plus, you have probably been exposed to different ypes of HPV throughout your life that have helped you to build up immunity to it.

2) now that I have HPV(which I am NOT happy about:mad:), could I pass it on to my own 2 year old daughter, and the through the birth canal of my newborn?

This is very rare for it to happen, but if it is a concern of yours, talk to your ob/gyn. I am sure she will tell you that is is just not something you should worry about. I think if you had actual warts present she might want to take precautions, but without warts, doctors tend not to worry about it.

3) How could a 5 year old have gotten this(her mother? sexual abuse? i dont know....help)

If this girl only had warts on her genitals, I would be thinking sexual abuse. But you say she has them all over. That makes me think she could have picked them up by just casual contact with others. HPV is spread through skin contact. There is no sex required. If she had warts are her hands and then touched her own genitals, she could have spread HPV to herself there. Usually HPV strains have their favorite places to live and stick to that area, but if she has warts all over, she must be having issues supressing the HPV infection.

That's what concerns me the most. This girl has warts all over her body, and that may be a sign that something is not right with her immune system. If a person has warts all over, they definitely need to see a doctor. She needs to find out why her body is not controlling the HPV. I am not a doctor, and it could be something as simple as removing the warts that would help this child fight it off. What concerns me the most is that you say her mother doesn't take her to the doctor to have her evaluated about these warts.

4) what can i do to prevent MY daughter from getting HPV? ( i bleach the toilet and bathtub everytime i use it now...and i constantly use hand sanitizier)...but i am terrified i could pass it on to her while changing her diaper or something.

Honestly, HPV is just a super common virus that pretty much everyone is exposed to several times throughout their lives! Think of it like a cold or the flu. No, you don't want your daughter to get it, but chances are she will get it and she will be fine. So yes please keep up with the cleaning whcih is good for minimizing expose to lots of different viruses and bacteria and generally icky stuff. But please don't be too concerned.

You say you are tested for HPV and other STDs, but you should know something about the HPV test given to women. It only tests for the cancer-causing strains and requires an active infection to be present to be positive. It's an excellent way to determine your cancer risk. But it can't tell you whether you've had HPV in the past, and it doesn't let you know if you've had the warts kinds either.

03-27-2010, 09:55 PM
I agree that you are overreacting about the HPV. NOT all HPV is sexually transmitted.

LilyL21 has explained it well.

My only comment to this is that you and your daughter have already been exposed to whatever strain of HPV your stepdaughter has, so it probably means you are immune, while your stepdaughter must have a week immune system. The best thing you can do for her is give her vitamins and feed her healthy foods rich in anti-oxidants. Her body needs help in fighting off the virus.

03-28-2010, 02:10 PM
thanks for all the responses...i feel A LOT better now...and I feel kinda silly becasue I was overreacting.....I have contacted another caseworker from my local DSS today (and AGAIN let them know what is going on)....my OTHER question:

She has had A LOT of discharge (we are talking about a poor 5 YEAR OLD GIRL) and it has a REALLY BAD FOUL ODOR. Could that be STD related? or something else? She has had this on and off for about 6 months (when i took her to the doctor,which was not her REGULAR doc because the mother refused to give me or her father the childs MEDICAID card...so i had to find another doc and pay for it myself) ANYWAYS the doc really didnt explain WHY or HOW she has this much discharge and how it smells SOOOO BAD.

COULD IT BE FROM POOR HYGIENE? (everytime i have picked her up from her mothers home, she has NO panties on....and if she does they ARE FILTHY! The jeans or pants that she puts on this child are EXTREMELY too tight...could this be causing the discharge???

(let me add...I am very disgusted and almost feel helpless that my stepdaughter is in this condition..her father and I are working on full custody but it seems like her mother cries or talks her way out of trouble evverytime)..Her mother is a stripper..my stepdaughter came to my house showing me what"mommy" taught me...and started taking her clothes off and dancing.I WAS IN SHOCK! My stepdaughter has also been left around strange men while her mother is intoxicated. This child talks about "boys penises in a way that she should NOT be saying at her AGE" This is a reason why there is sexual abuse in question. NO CHILD DESERVES THIS. I have called the police several times...recorded conversations with my stepdaughter and brought them to DSS (which they said they could not listen to recordings with a court approved document! i was like ***?????!! and you people care about the safety of children!!!???) her father and i have a VERY nice, clean 3 bd 2 b home in a gated community. there is NO drugs or alcohol in my home EVER. they have done homechecks at my home to make sure that my stepdaughter is in a safe enviroment.ON THE OTHER HAND...her mother does not have a stable home..right now she is living with her aunt..and let me say IT IS IN UNLIVABLE CONDITIONS...and very unsanitary...everyone sleeps on the floor..and there is NO food in the house although they all recieve food stamps...When i called DSS the last time, they went to the childs SCHOOL and found out that she was not there (and she has missed a lot of days for NO reason) she was at her mothers house playing when she was supposed to be at school ..DSS popped up at the house and NOTHING WAS DONE!!! (we do have a lawyer...but its taking a very slow process to get anything done)i swear i feel soooooo helpless for this lil girl and i just dont know
what to do anymore....i just had to vent..sorry..anyways does anyone know the answers to the discharge????