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06-10-2010, 12:02 AM

I just wanted to post my story and see what others opinions are.

I got a great coupon to get my hair done. I've never had it done before and was really excited. The thing is about the salon is that it was 32 miles away from my house but thought it was worth the drive to get such a great deal.

I went in to the salon to get an all over color. The stylist told me right away that my hair was too dark for an all over color but she could do highlights. I told her that highlights were okay but I needed cool blue tones because my hair has a tendancy to go red. She told me she was going back to mix the color. She started highlighting and in the middle of highlighting she just dumped more developer into the bowl without measurring. When I saw her do that I asked "Is that bleach?" and she said yes. I had no idea she was using bleach or I would have refused.

As my hair was processing she would undo the foil, wipe my hair off with a wet towel, put more bleach on and rewrap it (something my friends who have had their hair done have never expirienced). She only did this to a few of the highlights but I think some of the bleach got onto other hair making it blob like.

She washed it and styled it and in the very dim lights of the salon it looked alright. I gave her a tip and was on my way. It was raining when I left and when I was about half way home the sun came out. It was then that I noticed in the hair that had fallen over my shoulder a bight orange streak. I knew in that moment what the bleach had done and started to cry. As soon as I got home I grabbed a mirror and looked at my hair outside. It was orange. Pumpkin orange - especially in a big blob on the crown of my head where she had wiped and reapplied, wiped and reapplied the bleach.

I called the salon right away to let them know I was upset. That I hadn't noticed until the sun came out but that my hair was orange. The lady said she would pass my complaint along to the owner and the stylist. The stylist called back and said she could fix my hair the next day but she would charge me to fix it. WHAT??? She didn't do it right in the first place, the next day and everyday for the rest of the week I had to work and it was a 65 mile round trip. Not to mention the fact that now I am scared and don't trust her to fix it since she didn't do it right the first time.

I should also mention that I think she knew it was orange even though I couldn't tell right away because she kept rubbing color correcting mousse into the crown of my head (where it is colored the worse) and told me it was a "little" gold and the mousse would correct it.

I feel silly having left the salon without realizing but the lighting was truely horrible. Later I met a friend in a restdurant and she told me my hair "wasn't bad". As soon as we left and she saw me in the natural light her mouth dropped and told me it did indeed look awful. Noting again that the crown of my head was the worst and that I should wear my hair in a ponytail.

I want a refund. I want to be refunded the cost of the service and the tip I gave. I will suck up the cost of gas and the money I will need to spend to fix it and the hat I brought because I was so self concious of my hair.

Is that unreasonable? Also how long should I wait for the owner to call me back before I really fly off the handle?