View Full Version : Polio and ankle/hindfoot fusion

07-05-2010, 04:46 AM
I had a hindfoot fusion in May 2009 to correct my left ankle collapsing inwards - I had polio as a child (had polio at age 2 am now 58) and after early surgery to lengthen my leg I have always had a limp and weak ankle. The collapsing has stopped but after any period of standing, weight bearing my ankle and foot now swell alarmingly. I get pain of variable severity all around my ankle and foot. I suspected the plaster technician did not get the angle right when my foot was postoperatively in a cast for 12 weeks - but the surgeon thinks otherwise as the heel is at a right angle. The back part of my foot no longer flexes although the front half does. Is there anyone out there with a similar experience?