View Full Version : My partner is addicted to Dihydrocodeine - how much can I help?

08-18-2010, 05:00 AM
My partner has been addicted to Dihydrocodeine since last October when I was in hospital for a few months with our daughter suffering from post natal depression. He got some help and started going to the chemist every day to get a prescription of something (I don't know what - any ideas?) but last week he admitted to me that he has been taking dihydrocodeine again.

He says it is nothing. He has gone back for help and has an appointment tommorrow at the drug rehab place to sort things out but I am really upset. I also think he is taking other drugs as I have seen messages on his phone mentioning "after party" and "early nights" - are they drugs?

We have a one year old daughter and he hardly pays anything towards her. I pay all the bills and buy food most of the time. We haven't had sex in months because Dihydrocodeine stops sexual feelings and I just feel like he doesn't love me any more and that he isn't being honest with me.

I am wondering how much I can help him here, and the best way to be supportive? The side effects of these drugs are driving me crazy and I don't know who he is any more. :confused: