View Full Version : I have gitelmans/barta syndrome getting worse.

06-17-2010, 08:42 AM
I have gitelmans/barta syndrom and for me it keeps getting worse and worse when I was diagnosed there was only 2 ppl who had it me and this man I was part of a geneology study .i have a specialist who doesn't know crap I see other ppl have been using aldocteron or whatever it's called wondering why knowing my levels are so low won't put me on something that will keep my levels up .my magnesium level was 0.9 and my pottasium level was 2.1 when I was there a few days ago nothing they do can seem to get my levels up. Except for me not using the rest room.the less I go the higher my level is but I guess that's not an option to not go .