View Full Version : entire right side body pain?

08-23-2010, 12:38 PM
The entire right side of my body is in pain every min. of the day from head to toe. I have had this problem for many years and it only seems to get worse each year. I have at headach form the base of the right side of my head and shoots up the right side of my brain, making it feel like my right eye ball is going to pop out and the base of my skull blow apart. It also causes huge amounts of pain in my right shoulder and arm. This continues through the spine behind the ribs, into my lower back, groin area, back of the buttox, knee, ankle and toes. Sometimes it feels as if a string is tied around my elbow and knee cutting off blood flow. Can someone please help me I cant get any answers and my entire right side hurts, I cant sleep, it hurts to work or even just to enjoy life! Thank you for anything you may beable to offer. Marcia!

I had an MRI of the cervical spine and the results were as follows; c2 and c3 Unremarkable, c3 and c4 Unremarkable, c4-c5 Mild kiffuse disc osteophyte complex. the neural foramen are patent. c5-c6 diffuse disc oteophyte complex. There is also a small overlying broad-based central disc osteophyte complex. These cause mild mass effect on the thecal sac w/o stenosis. There is also mild marrowing of the meural foramina bilaterally., c6-c7 Mild diffuse disc osteophyte. I also have degenerative disc disease. Is there some kind of reason I am only 36 years old with a 65 year old spine? If there is a doctor out there that thinks he can help me or anyone who has some of the same symptoms please HELP ME!!! Again I stress all of my pain is on the right side of my body only. I also have degenerative problems in my lower back. Two small nodules on my thyroid on the right side, and my right lung is inflamed. Could this be caused by an auto imune disease?