View Full Version : Need help! My mom has myositis & idk what to do

09-03-2010, 06:13 PM
So my mom has had polymyositis for about 3 years. She can't walk up stairs, stressed out and mentally she is gone. We DESPERATELY need a social worker/personal assistant to pay help bills, do taxes, contact doctors, find out about accessing retirement funds early, advise on medical insurance, apply for programs,contact people to fix things at house. The social worker at the hospital does nothing except give us referrals. My mom spends all day on the phone calling people and get nowhere because she leaves out things on forms or gets "the run around", resulting in frustration. This has gone on for 3 years. Is there somebody that can help us?

No improvement on prednisone or methyltrexate, or IVG. Divorced and she takes care of my sister. I'm in college so I'm not around to help.

she receives social security disability
she's in her late fifties... we have no idea if she can access retirement yet
thousands in credit card debt... very close to start defaulting
trying to avoid bankruptcy (which will happen very soon). we don't want to lose our house.