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10-29-2002, 05:00 AM
Hi, I'm an 18 year old girl who is scared out of her mind!! AHHH!! Ok, heres the deal.

I noticed a change in bowel movements about 3 months ago. My stool was looser and watery and I had to go more often. Lately, this has changed. I can go a day or two without going at all, but when the day comes when I can actually pass bowel movements, they are once again, watery and loose. I take FiberCon to help but my stool still remains looser but not as watery. Also, this really scares me: When I press even lightly on my abdomian area, I can HEAR, literally HEAR what sounds like excess fluid in the abdominal or like gas bubbles I'm pushing on. It's really scary. IS THIS ASCITES? I keep reading about it and am really scared I have cancer. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!


10-30-2002, 06:13 AM
No, this is not ascites. Is your belly very large, swollen and rigid (like a drum)? If you had carried on reading about ascites, you may have got to the part where it should have mentioned that most cases of ascites (being a collection of fluid in your belly) is caused by a primary liver dysfunction - alcoholic liver disease or cirrhosis. Basically, ascitic fluid contains large amounts of albumin/protein that cannot be disposed of by the liver due to malfunction of one kind or another and so collects in the belly. This has to be drained off very slowly and carefully, whilst albumin is being given back to the patient via IV so that the bp does not drop. This is called an ascitic tap.

It sounds like you have a touch of stomach trouble. It could be that you have IBS. Most people have a gassy belly at times.

Maybe change to Metamucil twice daily to bulk up your stools. This is water soluble. Also, if you have a lot of gas you may well need to rebalance your gut flora by taking Probiotics/Acidophilis caps. This contains Lactobacillis which is the good bacteria that lives in your gut. Also, look at your diet and try to include more complex carbohydrates such as potatoes and rice. This will help bulk up your stools. Cut out soda and caffeine and avoid junk food. Also, drink plenty of water to flush your system through and get enough exercise too.