View Full Version : allergic to red dye in food?

06-08-2002, 08:48 PM
my husband was recently diagnosed with colitis after having severe pain and a colonoscopy. He has always gone to the bathroom quite well(never suffered from constipation) and we were surprised at the diagnosis. Anyway, me being me, i am determined to understand what caused this. The Dr. said no one knows, could be a food allergy or a bacteria. My husband got to thinking how he was chewing about 2 containers a week of cinnamon altoid mints for the last 6 months, the time he has suffered from the pain. He wondered if there were any connection and I said perhaps from the red dye. After researching i have discovered that many people do suffer from red dye allergies(red dye # 40 and # 3) and it causes lower back pain, which he has also. Does it seem a stretch that he has severe attacks after eating something containing red dye? most things seem to have it. It is even injected into fruits and veggies. wanted to know if anyone has anything similar? he was on cortisone enemas but they did not work. He is now on sulfasalazine. Any suggestions?