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08-22-2001, 11:34 AM
Dear Everyone,
I am 22 years old and have been suffering from IBS for a year now. I came across this book online called, Eating For IBS by, Heather Van Vorous. The book is excellent.. it gives you guidelines and recipes of what kinds of food you should eat if you have IBS and not get sick. Heather explains what you should take on a daily routine to keep you regular and feel "normal" again. Heather tells you how drinking peppermint tea stops the excessive gas from buildig up (due to loose bowels) and to take Citrucel or Metumucil (which is needed because it has soluble fiber)because they will regulate the bowel movements. This book is a miracle worker and I recommend everyone who is a sufferer of Ibs to buy this book. It sells at retail for sixteen dollars and you can buy it practically anywhere. This book gave me more insight about Ibs and my diet than any doctor or gastroentologist could. Heather Van Vorous is an angel! I am finally feelin like a normal person again due to this book! And the best is...the recipes are all so delicious. Please, if you are a sufferer of ibs get this miracle book....EATING FOR IBS..BY, HEATHER VAN VOROUS
Lisa(happy and healing)

Mike NoLomotil
08-24-2001, 02:46 PM
This is another book just as important as a recipe book, since not all patients are sensitivie to the same foofds or additives. This will explain why and help you evaluate your lifestyle and eating habits personally, to get even better results:

“FOOD ALLERGIES AND FOOD INTOLERANCE: THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO THEIR IDENTIFICTION AND TREATMENT”, Professor Jonathan Brostoff (M.D.. Allergy, Immunology and Environmental Medicine, Kings’ College, London)

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