View Full Version : Anyone from Philadelphia or South Jersey?

08-12-2002, 08:26 AM
Are there any other people out there from South Jersey or Philadelphia? I'd love to join an in-person support group, but I can't find any in the area. I have hiatal hernia and gastroparesis (which cause stomach pain, indigestion, heartburn, queasiness, nausea) as well as IBS (bloating to the point of looking 9 months pregnant, excessive gas, stomach noise, pain, occasional constipation but rarely diarrhea).

If I can't find a support group, it would be nice to at least meet with other people in my area. Maybe if we get enough people together we could form our own support group.

I'm a 36-year old single woman from Cherry Hill who has had stomach problems all my life. My symptoms got much worse in 1997, when I ended up in the hospital and diagnosed with gastroparesis. It's been off and on since then, but it's made my life unmanageable because I never know when I'm going to feel sick.