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01-25-2002, 05:59 AM
Let me give you somewhat of my history...I have always had diarrhea and cramps during periods of stress or anxiety. But this is different...for the past month I have had pain on my left lower side. I thought it was gyne related so I went and had the full workup...pelvic ultrasound pap smear, and they all came out ok. The pain is like a constant dull ache, that will sometimes move a little to the middle and feel like pressure on my bladder. I went to my doctor and she felt that side and it is tender, but no masses felt or anything. NO uti or anything either. She wants me to watch my diet for 2 weeks, cut out diary and corn and see what happens and if I still have the pain she is going to send me for a colonoscopy. I am 32 year old female with 3 kids and I am scared to death that I have colon cancer... Also I do get gas and bloating alot. Does IBS cause pressure like feelings on your bladder as well...??? I am so confused can anyone help!!!<p>[This message has been edited by Daniele1 (edited 01-25-2002).]

01-25-2002, 08:26 AM
Hi Daniele-- It is pretty common to have diarrhea with aniety---it is the brain Gut connection. Some people take a low dose of an antidepressant when needed. Pain and discomfort is usually caused by gas. Diverticula can also cause pain and it is usually located on the left side. Sometimes lack of calcium/magnesium can cause pain and taking a supplement can help.

I am a big believer in taking a water soluble fiber supplement like Metamucil or Citrucel. It will make your BMs regular and it's safe to take daily. Most of us just don't get enough fiber in our diets ---with the type foods we eat. We need FIBER because that is what makes our colon work properly.The supplement is safe to take daily.

You may also want to eat yogurt daily ---you may have an unbalance of your intestinal bacteria.
A colonoscopic exam is alway a good idea---Then you'll know if it is anything to worry about. Diagnosing IBS is a matter of eliminating the other things first.
Let us know how you make out!!!!

God Bless---Harry<p>[This message has been edited by Harry (edited 01-25-2002).]

01-25-2002, 09:04 AM
You need to get to the doctor for a barium enema. I was having severe pains occassionally on the left side. I finally had a sigmoidescope and barium enema in October. I was diagnosed with diverticulosis. It is small pouches in the colon. It always shows up with pain in the left side of the abdomen. My pain gets so bad that even when riding in a car and I hit a small bump it radiates throughout my entire body. It is very tender to the touch. It hits when I eat anything that I shouldn't or am going through extreme stress. If you do have it you should not eat any nuts, seeds of any type (including berries with seeds, cucumbers, tomatoes), corn, popcorn. These seeds can get stuck in the pouches and cause an infection.

Please get to the doctor soon for these tests. It could mean the difference from pain and a normal life.