View Full Version : Sorbitol and IBS

09-01-2002, 01:04 PM
I never knew this about sugar-free products and it was a real eye opener for me so if u havent heard of this hopefully it will help u w/controlling symptoms of IBS. My GI dr told me to completely cut out all sugar free foods along with the other things i find myself struggling with b/c of the sorbitol, i had no idea sorbitol could cause such problems but it is known to cause IBS symptoms in people with sensitive guts. Unfortunatly sorbitol is in almost all types of gum which is annoying! Ne one know of ne good gum w/o sorbitol? Gosh life sure is hard when u have to constantly be reading the ingrediate list of all the food u eat!

09-01-2002, 05:13 PM
Unfortunately, as you have found to your cost, sorbitol is used as a sugar alternative in a lot of diabetic products and can cause severe diarrhea, so the effect for anyone who is trying to cut out sugar, but also suffers from IBS must be dreadful. Be warned!!