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06-04-2002, 09:43 AM
I am a 31 yo female. I have been having bowel problems since I was about 20. I have had bouts of diarrhea and constipation for as long as I can remember. For about the last 3 months I have been having pain in my left lower abdomen going from right under my rib cage down to my lower groin area and into my back and down the front of my left leg.The pain is most severe in the lower left groin area. When I have a bowel movement while straining I have pain in this area. It feels like my abdomen is distended. For about the last 2 weeks I have had constant nagging burning pain in this area it is slowly worsening. I have mucous in my bowel movements. Sometimes white and yesterday morning I had gas and light yellow colored mucuous. I take a tablespoon of metamucil in the morning and before bedtime. On occasion I take a herbal lower bowel stimulant with the metamucil. Somtimes my stools are gel like orangey looking with lots of yellow in them. I think the gel orange is from the metamucil. Does anyone else taking the metamucil have the gel like orange substance in their bowel movements? This pain is worsening. My bowel feels inflammed and irritated. I have had 2 colonoscopies in the last 6 years. The first one they found and removed polyps but they were not cancerous. The second one they didn't find polyps but found some internal hemmorrhoids that the Dr. said were pretty bad, but just to leave them alone. This was in 1999. I am so tired of feeling bloated and having this nagging pain. I have 2 children and I don't ever feel like playing with them or having fun. I am cranky and irritable and depressed. I have an appointment scheduled with my physician in about 2 weeks. Could this inflammation be some kind of infection? Should I try to see the Dr. sooner to get some antibiotics? I'm sorry about being so graphic and asking so many questions. Thanks for listening..

06-04-2002, 10:42 PM
I strongly suggest taking yourself back to the doctor. I had symptoms for a long time that sounded much like yours. My mother, who had suffered a lifetime of IBS, kept suggesting that I just take after her. At first(the first 10 years) I was told I was sufferring from stress, gastritis, reflux, and finallyIBS. I was very sick by the time I got the diagnosis of IBS. I had sever abdominal pain and passed white and yellow mucous in large quantity. That went on for a long time and then I began passing blood. Finally the doctors investigated alittle further and found out I had ulcerative colitis. Check it out, and keep checking it out. sometimes it takes a while to find out the extent of the problem.
Good Luck!

06-05-2002, 09:11 AM
Thanks for the reply.I made an appointment for tomorrow to get this checked. I just hate going to the doctor. I worked in the medical field for 10 years and I try to stay as far away from it as I can. I was wondering, how do they treat ulcerative colitis?

06-05-2002, 06:15 PM
Hi Beth
Ulcerative colitis is usually treated with a 5ASA(asprin dirivitive) pill that only acts in the bowel to reduce inflamation. There are several different types of 5ASA. I take Asacol, but I took sulfasalazine for 5 years. Sometimes the inflamation is treated with prednisone. It is very effective and the side effects are not bad if it is used for a short period of time. For colitis of the rectum only, sometimes called proctitis, there are special enemas that stay in the body(retention enemas) and are not at all like the enemas that encourage a bowel movement. Hope this helps. Good luck to you.

06-06-2002, 10:46 AM
There's a clinical trial underway in North Carolina [UNC] and Toronto on IBS, here's the link:
<A HREF="http://clinicaltrials.gov/ct/gui/c/a2b/show/NCT00006157?order=3&JServSessionIdzone_ct=y70tffb6x1" TARGET=_blank>http://clinicaltrials.gov/ct/gui/c/a2b/show/NCT00006157?order=3&JServSessionIdzone_ct=y70tffb6x1</A>