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08-04-2001, 06:09 PM
I already have another post which i hope somebody responds too. I hate thh abdominal pain and Nausea i get. I have had a ton of tests listed in my other postinc 2 endoscopes, 1 colonoscopy, abd ct scan and uipper gi swallow. Somebody told me peppermint may help these symptoms so I bought enteracoated peppermint tablets.

08-04-2001, 08:56 PM
Hi Markr,
Welcome to the board. I am sorry you are have so much trouble with the nausea and upper abdomen pain.

Pepperment oil capsules that are enteric coated are use primarily for gas pains in the colon area not for upper abdominal pain.Peppermint also helps with yeast overgrowth.
Regular pepperment in any form will aggrivate the lower sphincter to your esophagus resulting in aggrivating your GERD problems.

I also have GERD.
God Bless----Harry
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08-05-2001, 09:25 AM
Thanks Harry. When you have bad IBS and are relatively young I often think the worst but the tests at least rule out some of the more serious things. The only test I have not had is a barium meal but both my doc and gastroenterologist have advised against this due to radiation and the fact that they feel my issues are not small bowel related + I had an abdominal ct 8 months agok, numerous ultrasounds and bloodwork, colpnoscopy and endoscopy(x2) which cover alot of the small bowel. The docs say would have likely have identified anything serious in the small bowel. Thanks for the tip on the peppermint, it caused a huge flareup of diahrea and more pain yesterday so I have cut that out.

08-11-2001, 11:56 PM
Next time you get abdominal pain, think back to whether you ingested acidy stuff (such as orange juice) or especially acid together with starch (even vinegary pasta), or tart-tasting tea, or Oreos which is a harsh form of chocolate.

AVOID peppermint as this causes alot of acid reaction. (you might try spearmint which is milder & less problematic).

ABOVE ALL, eat cherry yogurt or Bing cherries. I'd be very surprised if this doesn't give you relief.