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01-21-2001, 06:15 AM
This is really strange. My husband sought help and the doc gave him all the products I listed in my other post. The stool softeners by mouth did not work any better than the Constolose or the water. He is really backed up. One problem I was upset with is that the pharmacy made an error that I did not catch until yesterday. But I would have thought that at least a little could have come. They did not put the correct dosage on the bottle of CONSTOLOSE. My husband was taking half the dosage he was suppose to. When I caught it, I said, oh gosh now what? They were so appologetic but now my husband has six days of backup. Even a suppository is not helping. I am afraid we will have to go for a more powerful laxative now. Any other suggestions? I would appreciate it.

01-21-2001, 10:59 PM
Hi babesbarn,
I know you must be very frustrated and disappointed.I have not had near the experience dealing with constipation that you are having but I have dealt with some.

It seem once your GI system gets disordered and it could be from taking laxatives, antibiotics, taking drugs that cause constipation, ptomaine poisoning or for what ever reason it is been my experience very difficult sometimes to get your system back to normal. Your GI tract has usually been cleaned out of most of the friendly bacteria and without it your system cannot function normally.You may even have developed a candida infection in your GI tract that is very difficult to get rid of and replace the fungus with friendly bacteria.I have found there are not many doctors that know enough about candidiasis and are willing to work with you by properly ID'ing the problem with stool samples and giving medication to fix the problem.Yeast infections mutates very readily and drugs like nystatin may not work after a few weeks and it has to be changed to another and it may be over-the -counter remedy and limit your diet to starve the candida. Candida thrive on sugar and carbohydrates and they have to be limited to "do in" candida overgrowth.I once went to an Environment Specialist-MD to help me---the only one I could find that treated candida infections.

Something you may consider is Aloe Vera juice it has a healing and cleaning effect on the GI tract. George's from Warren Laboratories taste like water and can be obtained from a good health food store.
I hope your husband gets better!!

01-22-2001, 08:45 AM
Oh NO!!!!! You see my GI has prescribed CONSTOLOSE which is heavy on sugar!!!!!! I mean real heavy. It states right on the container that if you have diabetes not to take it. I thank you for you information. I have printed out your response so that I can refer to it.

01-26-2001, 03:57 PM
I have only just found this website today so I am sure I am too late to help but for the future I can give you advice. The worst back up I have experienced in the past is nearly 14 days. For years I was prescribed 'laxatives' with sugar, one in particular in the UK called lactulose. These kind of stool softeners are this and nothing else. They do not encourage the bowel to evacuate. The sugar 'laxatives' can build up in your system and give you tummy ache by themselves. What you need is an OSMOTIC laxative like laxaberal or movicol (this is the UK names). I also recommend drinking 6 to 8 pints of fluid a day, ie water or water with a cordial in it to rehydrate the bowel. I have had very severe constipation in the past and I am sorry to say I know what I am talking about!!! An expert on poo is nothing to be proud of but I have suffered with this for over 15 years and am finally getting excellent treatment and medication. Good luck and feel free to ask me any questions.

01-26-2001, 05:14 PM
Thanks Reference! But all seems A GO now! A SMOOTH move! Between the CONSTOLOSE, stool softener COLACE and all my water, My hubby is having some relief. Don't know what he will do when he can't drink for hours at a time.See he is in a wheelchair and that could be a problem as I have to help him. Usually we stay home. Thanks for you input.