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06-12-2001, 01:23 PM
After eating various foods I have noticed that foods higher in certain carbs and sugar give me the problems the most. Here are some things I have found.

I have switched to drinking caffeine free diet coke and when I drink a regular coke I am dashing to the toilet now. I can't even drink Gatoraide now. I didn't realize it but it is loaded with sugar. Why all of a sudden does one coke give me horrible problems again? Seems to me that just one coke wouldnt be all that bad. I just feel that I am re-introducing the problem and my system isnt as used to it as it used to be.

Meats, eggs, and certain cheeses don't give me any problems. I also eat sugar free bread and make great sandwiches and have no problems. I also watch the condiments. I also eat soy substitute meats and they don't give me problems. Low carb vegetables are fine too. These are the only foods that I have found so far that don't give me problems.

Eating low carb foods now for about a month my stool have at least bulked up more. I don't have a bowel movement as often either. They are also darker in color. At first I thought it was blood, but they return to a normal brown when I eat regular foods. I am not sure if this is good or not. If I eat something higher in sugar I get strange bowel movements now combined with my new eating habbit. It's like a mixed reaction. Also it makes me have that urgency and pushes everything out followed by runny stools combined with undigested food. Before I eat something that does this I have no urgency at all, which leads me to believe even though I don't use the bathroom as much I still have a lot of stool backed up. Like I said, I am not sure if this is a good thing or not. I don't think this is constipation as eventually I do pass my stools with little effort. Low carb foods reduce my urgency to use the bathroom when I have any stools running through my system and also reduces how much water and mucous passes as well.

I have been reading the Adkins diet book, and I just want to say that eating a low carb and sugar free diet is very boring at times, but a very nice trade off. I am also constantly hungry all the time. I mean, I AM ALWAYS HUNGRY. I also drink gallons of water too. Meats, eggs, and cheese are nice, but I crave candy and fast food at times, but my stomach reminds me to stay away. I used to think it was the meat and cheesee I craved, but it's the corn taco shell that I actually crave. The bun on my burger too.

I at one time ran all over the grocery store looking at every label possible. I can assure you that most of the diet foods out there are loaded with sugar. Most food contains some sort of sugar or tons of salt. Go read the labels if you don't believe me and try to find something that has both very low sugar and salt that is packaged as a diet food. Most of the packaged food is pure junk. It used to not be this way, everything was "sugar free" and everything tasted boring. Now the craze is "fat free". Sure it may be fat free, but look how much salt and sugar is in there. Sugar contributes to being overwieght. They want you to buy their product and since the craze is "fat free" they load it up with sugar. They even tell you that sugar is good for you. Sure, some of it is, but not when they dump 21g of high fructose corn syrup or 350mg of sodium in one serving. Basically apple sauce is like eating a candy bar. No wonder people are overwieght.

I once heard someone say the only thing in the food we eat that makes us overweight is fat. I asked her "how do cows get fat if all they eat is grass?" Her reply was that they feed them meat to beef them up and they also get fat from it. Yeah whatever. So if they didn't do this, does that mean cows meat would be a fat free food? Seems to me if so, red meet would be all the rage for people trying to lower their cholesterol and weight. I am sure they could mannage to market cheeseburgers to fat people somehow. It's amazing. I had no idea myself at how much bogus information on food is out there.

I am also trying to stay away from artificial sweetners despite drinking diet coke (to curve my caffeine addiction). Basically I have figured out that anything that tastes sweet either has sugar or aspertame.

A low carb boring bland diet is a fair trade off to have my life back. We all should be eating this way if we can. Most diabetics out there may have health problems, but I know some that can run circles around the average person. Most of the low carb food is healthy and despite some of it having more cholesteral and fat, I believe low sugar allows your body to burn this stuff off. I have lost an amazing 15 pounds this month. Most of it coming off my middle area. I started noticing that my stomach doesnt buldge and I no longer have to suck in. This may also help my IBS (who knows). I also feel that even though carbs or sugar may not be my main problem and maybe I have some sort of other condition, this is a healthier way of eating anyway. At least I'll be one step closer to being healthy.

This just takes disapline and determination. I do slip, but a mad dash to the toilet is my punishment. Now I look at a plate of lasagna and almost want to puke and lasagna was my favorite food. I still have a way to go and my symptoms are sometimes there, but it's gotten a lot better. I'm sure I just need more time. I just feel my IBS is just my bodies way of pushing me to becoming a very healthy person.

I hope this helps someone out there. I am basically making two suggestions for one or both conditions. Try eating low carbs and see if it helps you feel better, if not, this is a healthy way of eating anyway and if you want to shed a pound or two, this is a good way to do it. I'm not promoting the Adkins diet here, but check it out. Basically eating low carbs is all it is.

Angie E
06-13-2001, 08:43 AM
I can sympathize. I found out I have celiac disease by going on the atkins diet. Yep, I pretty much follow it because there isn't much out there I can eat. Also, beware of low fat stuff. They add carbs to it. And NO, being a rancher, COWS DO NOT EAT MEAT...THEY ARE NOT CANNIBALS! Tell your friend...well, nevermind. You are right, they eat grass and grains. Pigs eat meat, they eat anything. Anyway, I agree that overall, our diets have too many carbs. I also have the punishment you do when I eat wheat rye barley or oats. I'm on vacation right now on South Padre Island and can't eat much of anything. Some vacation huh? I brought a few things with me that I can eat,such as my Gluten Free Cereal and crackers. Well, I've had to eat them for meals and now I'm out. Well, I'm tanned and losing weight, so it wasn't a total loss! Another book you might want to read is the Scwarzbien Principal. It's along the same lines as Atkins with a couple of different twists. There's also a recipe book to go along with it that is great. I'm glad you found something to work for you! I agree about the boring. But after a while, you don't miss the carbs. You are going through withdrawal. You might go to the health food store and purchase Stevia. It's a natural sweetener from the Stevia plant. It's supposed to promote regularity as well. I don't know if that claim is true, but it helps me. I use it in coffee and cereal and it will help the craving. Don't use too much though...It tastes very sweet. It's not sugar and it's not an artifical sweetener, but an herb. It's usually around the atkins stuff at the health food joint!

06-13-2001, 09:13 AM
Thank you for the advice. I hope to keep up with this way of eating anyway despite my IBS. If I still have problems later on at least I can be lean and in great physical health. I cannot imagine a person in great physical shape that exercises regularly and also eats an excelent and strict diet constantly having problems with IBS in my opinion. I am sure there is always something that can be changed or enhanced.