View Full Version : Information about a flexible sigmoidoscopy

05-28-2001, 10:01 PM
Hi I am an 18 year old male, and have been getting some symptoms of IBS. I have been to my doctor, and been referred to a specialist. He is sending me for a flexible sigmoidoscopy this thursday. In the past, I have had to have an enema because of severe constipation, and I noticed that I got an erection from the nozzle being inserted. It was not that I enjoyed it, because that was certainly not the case. But if this happens for my sigmoidoscopy, is the doctor going to think I am a wierdo that gets his kicks from anul stuff. Has this happened to anyone else?


Angie E
06-03-2001, 04:53 PM
No, I'm afraid you WON'T be drugged for a flexible sig. They will drug you for a full colonoscopy. If I were you, and this is what I did, I would hold out for the colonoscopy. It is more comfortable and it sees the whole colon and not just the first 10 inches like the flexible sig. The flexible sig can miss things like polyps that are further up, diverticulitis, etc. If you get the whole colonoscopy (and get to sleep through it) then you will know that something wasn't missed. Good Luck and let us know what happens.